How To Make Pirate Costumes

One of the easiest costumes that you can wear to a costume party is a pirate costume. You do not need to purchase new clothes since you may already have the things that you need right in your own closet. All you have to do is be resourceful and creative so that you can put a great pirate costume together. Find out how to make a pirate costume by reading these simple tips.

  • Items that you need. The items that you need for the pirate costume are dark pants, boots, white long sleeved shirt, bandana, scarves and costume jewelry. You may want to print out a pirate costume to use as inspiration for the costume that you are trying to put together. Raid your closet and try to get as many items that you think will be useful for the costume. Then, follow the tips to get some ideas on how to put your costume together.
  • White shirt. For the long sleeved white shirt, try to ruffle it up a bit, so that it does not look to formal. You can scrunch up the shirt to make it appear a bit ragged and unkempt. When wearing the white shirt, keep the buttons open.
  • Dark pants. You need dark pants for this. Make sure that the pants are not baggy so that you can fit them easily inside the boots. If you do not have high boots, black socks will do. Just tuck in the legs of the pants into the socks but fix it so that it does not appear bulky.
  • Scarves. You can use a big scarf as a bandana. You can also use a scarf to tie around your waist over a belt. Use solid colors to make your costume vibrant. You can use a deep red color, green or yellow. You can even use patterned scarves for a fresher look.
  • Accessories. For the accessories, it is best to stick with gold jewelry. You can wear gold hoop earrings, necklaces or gold rigs with gems. Go through your jewelry box or to a costume shop to find some fancy jewelry. For men, you can use a clip on hoop earring on one ear.
  • Other additions. You can finish the pirate look with a pirate hat or an eye patch. If you do not have an eye patch, you can easily make one by yourself. Just get black cloth and cut a circular patch. Attach it to a garter band and you already have an eye patch. Other accessories that you can use are a fake hook for a hand, a fake parrot and a sword.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you want to make your own pirate costume using the items that you already have at home. It is pretty easy to come up with creative costumes if you know how to be resourceful. Try to do this every time you have a costume party to attend so that you won’t need to purchase or rent expensive costumes.


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