How To Make Red Hat Crafts

It is interesting to note that there are a lot of women who are excited about their 50th birthday.  They are not really ecstatic about being a golden girl.  Some are actually looking forward to age 50 so that they can join an organization called Red Hat Society, wherein they would be wearing the group’s purple dress and red hat.  The said organization is composed of women within a specific age bracket who are looking for more good times and happenings. This red-themed group is a tightly-knit family wherein members share affectionate bonds.  It is a whole new experience to become part of the Red Hat Society.

If you wish to be a member, then it is important that you try conceptualizing your signature look as early as now.

To make your own Red Hat, you need the following:  wire baseball hat form, regular-sized lampshade, regular-sized gauge wires, wire cutters, pliers, wide ribbon – red, four pieces metal rods or sticks with ¼-inch diameter with drilled holes at both ends,  purple beads, and pack-type battery lights that  are frequently used in small Christmas trees.

Here are the procedures you need to follow carefully:

  • Assemble hat and lampshade.  Using the gauge, connect to the lampshade’s inside portion your baseball hat form.  This form is usually used in shaping baseball hats after washing.  Check the location of the wire, as you may have to adjust its fit.  You actually need sufficient headroom in order to see once you put the lampshade on top of your head.
  • Adjust the lampshade’s fit.  Make the necessary adjustments in the lampshade’s fit.  Put the lampshade on top of your head and then connect the four metallic rods coming from the hat form into the wire frame of the lampshade. Position them apart from each other in equal distance so that they will all support the lampshade’s weight.  Paste the red ribbon on the hat’s side portions.  This will allow for enough length in order to be tied below your chin.  This bow will also help balance and secure the entire structure.
  • Glue and dry.  Start gluing the marabou feather around your hat.  Begin at the upper part and then around the shade, overlapping every layer.  Let the glue dry once the entire lampshade is already covered.
  • Add purple beads.  Glue the edges surrounding the lampshade’s bottom portion.  Paste the purple beads on the top part of your hat.  Swag your hat with many layers of the beads as you deem appropriate to your style and preference.
  • Light the hat.  Fix the cords of tiny craft lights underneath the feathers in order for them to peek out. Make sure that you are able to hide these wires properly.  Attach your battery pack upwards into the inside part of the shade.  See to it that you position it halfway up the lampshade so you can easily reach and turn it on. Now you are ready to illuminate the hat with a flick of one switch.

This is actually an unconventional cover for the head, but having one keeps you one with the tradition of the Red Hat Society. Feel free to decorate your hat with decorative papers, plastic buttons, purple and red ribbons, glitters, and other accents.


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