How To Make Rhinestone Barrettes

These days fashion statements are made all over the body. In the clothes one wears, in the accessories one puts on, the kind of hair one wears. Even the piercings and tattoos one uses to decorate themselves.  But down to it, all these accessories are a means to express one’s creativity and personal style.

Hair barrettes are the most common fashion accessory available to hip and trendy girls. Hair barrettes can be customized to reflect one’s personal style and the best way to decorate these barrettes is by placing rhinestones in them.

  • You’ll need the following items to make these Rhinestone barrettes:
    • Hair barrette
    • Glue
    • Wire cutters
    • Measuring tape
    • Different kinds of rhinestones like banded rhinestones and small single ones
  • Take the measuring tape and measure your hair barrette. You don’t have to be too exact with the measurements as the beads you will glue on will make irregular shapes and measurements as you put them on the barrettes. But a little odd shape is quite good and makes it more interesting and fashionable.
  • Cut up banded rows to the measurement that you got from Step 1. A majority of these hair barrettes should hold around three banded rows but this differs depending on the barrette.
  • Take your glue and line the bottom of the barrette with it. Always open your barrette so that the glue you’re applying doesn’t seep through to the fastener.
  • Next, line the edges of your banded rhinestones along the edges of your barrette. Apply pressure as the glue dries.
  • Repeat Steps 3 to 4 to add rows. Fill your barrette with rhinestones and line up the next row of rhinestones to the previous row.
  • With the measurements you took in Step 1, make a design to put atop your rhinestones. How the design comes out depends upon you. You can make your own design or you can research online for designs made by other people. Either way, you should have a great design or pattern to put atop your rhinestones.
  • Make sure you fasten the rhinestones atop the barrette with the glue. Allow to dry before using the barrette and get rid of the excess glue from the rhinestone sides.

Always remember to use water soluble glue on the barrette and not epoxy or industrial grade glue. Some of these may become corrosive to hair and scalp and may cause damage and harm to your hair and scalp.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be limited to rhinestones when it comes to decorating your barrette. You can use whatever beads you like as long as they can be fastened by glue. You can also use other materials to decorate your barrette as well; all you need is a bit of glue, your fashion sense and the appropriate materials.

For more ideas on how to create designs and bead patterns, log online and search for cute and trendy patterns for you to use.


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