How To Make Rose Petal Lotion

There is nothing better than the smell of a fragrant lotion on your skin. There are many different fragrances that you can use. However, many people particularly like the smell of roses. For that reason, a rose fragrance is the fragrance they choose for their lotion. In terms of getting rose petal lotion, you have two choices. You can purchase some rose petal lotion from a store. Or you could simply make your own rose petal lotion. The following article is about how to make your own rose petal lotion.

Getting the Right Ingredients

You must get all of the necessary ingredients that you will need to prepare your rose petal lotion. For example, you will need three tablespoons of rosemary, three tablespoons of dried flowers, three tablespoons of rose petals, one teaspoon of glycerin, and three teaspoons of evening primrose oil.

Putting All of the Ingredients Together

You will put all of the ingredients into a hot pan. You will add four cups of water to this mixture. Heat this mixture on low heat until the mixture starts to boil. When the mixture starts to boil, turn the heat off. Remove the pan from the stove and let the pan cool off. Then pour the mixture into a blender and turn the blender on in order to blend the mixture adequately. If you find that the mixture is not thick enough or fragrant enough, you can add more rose petals and then blend the mixture again in order to add more thickness . Or you could add more evening primrose oil to the mixture in order to make it thicker.

Pouring the Liquid Into the Bottle

After mixing the ingredients, slowly pour the mixture into a small container or bottle. Some people prefer to strain the mixture before putting it into the bottle. However, some people prefer not to strain the mixture because keeping the mixture as it is means that the rose petal lotion will have more of a rose fragrance. After pouring the mixture into a bottle, get a label and write the words "rose petal lotion" and put the label onto the bottle. This is your rose petal lotion.

Use the Lotion

Use your fragrant rose petal lotion. Put the lotion directly onto your skin so that your skin will be soft. Or put a few drops of the lotion into your bath water to make your bath more fragrant and fun. Whatever you decide, enjoy your fragrant rose petal lotion.

Remember to Have Fun

As you are making your rose petal lotion, remember that it should be a fun process. Share the activity with your friends and family. The process of making rose petal lotion will be more enjoyable if you do that.


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