How To Make Satin Rose Trims for Dresses

Fancy dresses and formal gowns will be a lot more elegant and stylish with some touches of satin rose trims. Hence, it is always a good idea to add these rose trims into a dress as a final touch. The great news for you is that is very easy and fun to do these satin rose trims for this purpose. If you want to add this touch to any dress of your choice, here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1. Take note and prepare all the materials in making satin rose trims. For this project, prepare the following: a roll of ribbon, preferably one-fourth of an inch thick, tape measure, needle, scissors, and thread. Take note that you can choose any color of ribbon and thread only that the shades of these two materials must match each other.
  • Step 2. Free some ribbon out of its roll. Take a measurement of six inches in the ribbon of your choice while still in its roll. However, do not cut it off the roll yet. Then, create a right angle fold at the middle portion of the whole length of the ribbon.
  • Step 3. Work on folding the ribbon to make way to the creation of the rose figure. Once the first fold is made, position the ribbon in a way that there is a horizontal and vertical piece of the ribbon. The next fold you have to do is to fold the horizontal ribbon right behind the first fold that you have made. Once done, fold the vertical ribbon upwards at the back of the very last fold you have created.
  • Step 4. Continue to fold the ribbon until almost ready. Now, fold the horizontal ribbon the same way you did earlier. Once done, fold each piece back and forth until such time that you have finished folding them twice each.
  • Step 5. Let go of your created folds in the ribbon. When you have finished the folding process, hold the two ribbon pieces with each hand. This is the technique that you have to master to make a rose. To do this, pull the ribbon's end that is still attached to the ribbon roll. Do this gently until a rose emerges from the folds.
  • Step 6. Secure the newly created rose. Thread the needle with a matching thread. Do around three stitches right at the middle of your rose just so you can secure it. Knot the thread right under the rose element and cut off the excess thread.
  • Step 7. Repeat steps two to six so you can create another rose in the same ribbon roll. Do not forget to measure six inches in the ribbon before you start folding so that each rose you create is six inches apart from the other. Continue repeating the steps until the ribbon roll is already consumed.

Once you are done with your satin rose trims, you can add it into any dress of your choice. With the greatness of this craft, any dress will work greatly when designed with these roses starting from fancy dresses to formal gowns. Plus, making this craft yourself will assure you that your dress is unique among the rest of the crowd.


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