How To Make Scented Body Lotion

Whatever you choose, whether it's a lotion bar, body shampoo, body gel, body milk, or body scrub, all are luxurious expenses for a frugal living. But would you suffer dry and scaly skin just to save up a little bit of cash each year? Actually, you don’t have to suffer ugliness just to save up some pennies. Why don’t you create your own body lotion? Not just a non-scented body lotion but an elegantly fragrant body lotion?

Doing it yourself will save you some bucks for the designer’s fee, the expensive packaging, and of course, the markup in the end market. So, let’s start you on your luxurious yet cheap way to beautiful skin.

First, make sure first that you have all the supplies you need, including unscented lotion base, a glass bowl, scent oils or essential oils, and a bottle for the finished product. Buy only from reputable suppliers if you want to ensure the safety of all the ingredients you will buy.

You also have to work in a clean environment like your uncluttered kitchen. Now, we really start:

  1. Pour the unscented lotion base into a glass- or metal-made bowl. Make sure that the bowl is clean and large enough for the lotion base and for you to conveniently do some mixing.
  2. Prepare the scent for the body lotion. Do you want to use only one scent for the lotion or a mixture of different scents? There are aromatherapy scents like lavender you can buy in a bottle or you may mix different scents to create a unique one. There is no standard as to how many essential oils you should put to a certain amount of lotion base. Just add essential oils little by little so you can gauge if the scent is already fine for you. Remember, it’s easier to remedy a soft-smelling lotion than a strong-smelling lotion.
  3. You may want to add a color for your scented body lotion. For that, you only need a liquid color for the lotion. Make sure that the colorant you will use is safe for the skin. Just like adding the essential oils, you may only want to add the colorant little by little to see the effect. You can always go for a strong-colored lotion, but it is best to go with a light shade.
  4. Thoroughly mix all of the ingredients in a bowl using a rubber spatula or a metal spoon. These should not be used for serving food again because these may become contaminated with the chemicals from the lotion, colorant, and essential oils.
  5. You may want to keep your lotion in nicely designed bottles. Use a funnel to transfer the lotion to the small bottles. This process may take time but just be patient because your creation will finally be bottled.
  6. Stick a label adhesive on the bottle. You may also use your computer to print out a nice label for your scented body lotion. Don’t forget to write the ingredients of the lotion and its scent. After that, cap the bottle tightly and store your lotion in a cool, dry place.

Personalized lotion will surely make your frugal life more beautiful and luxurious even without spending so much for the body scrub, body milk, body gel, body shampoo, and lotion bar. Your creation can also be a great gift for your friends, as well. Who knows, they might like your creation and you can start a small home business with that body lotion.


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