How To Make Scented Hand Towels

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Scented hand towels are a great way to create a more enjoyable atmosphere at lunch or dinner or any time. Using scented hand towels instead of regular hand towels is more fun and can make the atmosphere at dinner times romantic or elegant.

Making scented hand towels is easy to do, all you will need is a pot of water or a tea kettle, some clean white hand towels they can be colored hand towels as well and some scents you like. You can use essential oils or dried scents like dried rose petals, or dried mint.

Using organic or natural fragrances is best because organic scents will actually help our health when we inhale them on the scented hand towels. Every scent has its affect on our bodies and some scents can help us be calmer while others will make us feel more energy and vigor.
Start by wrapping your dried scents such as dried rose petals or dried mint leaves in cheesecloth or a loosely woven cloth. Tie your little bag of scents up into a ball or place a string or twist-tie around it so your scents are secure.

Next place your scent ball into a pot or kettle and bring to a boil, let boil for a few minutes allowing the water to soak up the scents. Alternatively you can use essential oils and drop a few drops into the kettle or pot and let boil.

Next place your hand towels into the boiling water or pour the water over them and let the hand towels soak up the scents, then wring them out so they are damp.

That is it; you have scented hand towels. You can place the scented hand towels on a plate or next to every sitting place for each person to use or place them in the bathroom or bedroom to give that room a pleasant scent. Damp scented hand towels are great for washing your face and hands and having them scented makes them even better.
You can make them even more fun by making your scented hand towels with different scents, for example make a set of scented towels with rose scent and a second set of scented towels mint or orange essence.

You can even pick hand towels with different colors, make the mint flavored ones light green, the orange scented ones orange and the rose scented ones red or pink.

Give one set of scented towels to your guests at dinner and the other set to them after dinner; this makes it even more enjoyable as you get to smell different scents during and after your meal.

These scented towels are fun to make and use, they are also great for using in a hotel or guest room, making the room smell great. Scented hand towels make great gifts on any occasion and can make any day more fulfilling.


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