How To Make Scented Jasmine Bath Oil

The smell of Jasmine has been used to calm, relax, and sooth people for centuries. In the bath it can be the perfect thing to help you relax and wash away a hard day. Essential bath oils are not difficult or expensive to make. It just takes a few simple ingredients. You will need a carrier oil, Jasmine distilled oil, a funnel and a bottle to keep it in.

First, a little about the ingredients. You will want to get unscented vegetable based carrier oil. I recommend vegetable based oils such as almond, sunflower, shea, castor, or coconut. You don't want to use anything that carries too strong of a natural scent of its own. How much carrier oil you will need depends on what size bottle you are making.

The Jasmine oil you use can be made from either Night Blooming or Confederate Jasmine. They both have a fresh clean scent but Night Blooming tends to be a bit sweeter than Confederate. You want to make sure that it is just the essential perfume grade oil and contains no fillers or chemicals.

The last thing that you need is a good glass bottle with either a cork or a dropper. These bottles are available online, at craft stores, and at several mega stores in the craft section. Don't use plastic because the chemicals in plastic can seep into the oil if it is stored for any length of time. If you are not planning on using it right away you should always use a brown or green glass bottle and store your Jasmine bath oil away from light.

To start your bath oil you want to put the carrier oil into your bottle using a funnel. Fill the bottle about 3/4 of the way to the top. You want to make sure that you leave room for your Jasmine essential oil and any flowers or decorations you might want to add.

Next add the Jasmine essential oil. You can add as much or as little Jasmine oil as you like to your bath oil. I suggest adding a small amount, shaking your bottle, and smelling it to obtain the strength that you want.

Once you do this you can shake or stir the bottle depending on the size of your container add your flowers and you are done. You can then add any flowers or decorations you want to it. Add them slowly letting each one sink to the bottom. Then you can seal the bottle with wax if you intend to store it or use it right away.

This recipe can also be used with any pure essential oil. You can make any scent you desire by following the same directions and substituting the oil of your choice for the Jasmine scented bath oil.


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