How To Make Scented Shea Butter Lotion

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Shea butter is great for keeping skin soft, flexible and less prone to wrinkles. But often it is sold with unflattering scents or in a semi-solid form that may be difficult to scoop out of its container. It's much better to put on a lotion with a scent that you prefer. You could even add your favorite perfume when you make your own shea butter lotion.

Gathering The Supplies

In order to make your own she butter body lotion, you need to gather a few supplies. The good news is that getting the supplies takes longer than actually making the lotion. The bad news is that getting the supplies takes longer than making the lotion. Try health food stores for unscented shea butter. Large department stores and shops specializing in beauty products may also have jars of unscented shea butter available.

You then need:

  • Emulsifying wax: this helps to bind all of the ingredients together and keeps oils from splitting off from the other ingredients and making a miniature oil-slick on top of your lotion
  • Citric acid powder: look for "cosmetic grade." Just squeezing a fresh citrus fruit will not do, because citric acid from fruit will rot.
  • Stearic acid: This also helps the ingredients to blend. This is a fat made from animal or vegetable sources. If you are trying to avoid using animal products, look for a type made from cocoa butter.
  • Glycerin: A common lubricant.
  • Germaben II or B: This is an inexpensive, synthetic preservative.
  • Distilled water: You already have this. You can use bottled water if your tap water is dodgy.
  • Fragrance: This is entirely up to you. This can be essential oils or your favorite perfume.

Heat It Up

When you have everything together to make your scented shea butter lotion, you need a heat source. This could be a pan and stove, but a microwave and a large microwave-proof bowl will do. Pick a bowl that you no longer want to use for food, because the chemicals may make the bowl have a permanent scent which could foul the taste of any food.

In order to make four fluid ounces of scented shea butter body lotion, place in the bowl:

  • a quarter teaspoon of citric acid
  • one teaspoon of stearic acid
  • 16 grams (one half-ounce) of glycerin
  • 4.5 grams (about an eight of a teaspoon) emulsifying wax
  • Between three and four ounces of distilled water

Heat in the microwave for one minute and then stir.

Getting It All Together

Let it cool for about ten minutes and then add six drops of your fragrance and a pinch of germaben II. Now you are ready to use your scented shea butter lotion.


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