How To Make Scrunchies

Hair accessories make girls look prettier. There are different hair accessories that you can use like hair bands, hair pins, flowers, barrettes, hair jewels and tiara. You can buy these on hair accessories stores as well as online. You can find many sites on the Internet, which sell these like Glitz4Girlz and Elegant Hair Accessories. These accessories come in different prices. There are hair accessories that are cheap and there are those that are very expensive. You can also use scrunchies to accessorize your hair. Aside from using these as accessories, these will also hold your hair together making you feel fresher especially if you have long hair. If it’s very hot, you can tie your long hair with these. You don’t have to spend much to have these because you can make your own scrunchies using scrap fabrics.

Here are the steps on how to make scrunchies.

  • Prepare the materials that you will need in making scrunchies. These are scrap fabrics, threads, needle, elastic, measuring tape, fabric marker and safety pins. You can also use old handkerchiefs or clothes that you no longer use.
  • Cut the fabric. Get the fabric and lay this on top of the table. Use your measuring tape and measure the fabric 4 inches by 20 inches. Use a fabric marker to mark the measurement so it will be easier for you to cut the right size. Get the scissors and cut the fabric. Avoid using fabrics made of silk or slippery materials because these might fall when you use these on your hair. However, if you want to have scrunchies made from these materials, you may want to use another scrunchies, which is not slippery under the silk scrunchies to prevent this from falling.
  • Fold and sew the fabric. Fold the fabric that you cut lengthwise so that the long edges will meet. The wrong side should be visible and the part with the design should be inside. Thread the needle to use for sewing your fabric. Be careful in doing this because needle is pointed and you can get hurt. Sew the long edges together. After sewing the long edges you will have 2 opening on your scrunchies. Turn the fabric inside out so that the part with the design will be visible and the wrong side will be inside.
  • Finish your scrunchies. Attach 5 to 10 inches of elastic to the safety pin then insert this on one of the openings of your scrunchies. The safety pin will make it easier for you to thread the elastic through the scrunchies until it gets to the other opening. Once you reach the other opening, you can now remove the safety pin from being attached to the elastic. Get the thread and needle and sew both ends of the elastic on the edges of the 2 openings. Once done sewing the elastic, insert one opening to the other opening. You will have a circle, which forms your scrunchies. Fold the opening on top going inside for the hem. Stitch this part to secure your scrunchies.

You can now use your scrunchies on your hair. Make more of these using different fabrics so you can match these with your clothes.


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