How To Make Shoes Look New Again

You have a lot of shoes in your shoe cabinet and they’re not new. You refuse to part with them. What are you going to do?  Restore them and wear them again. Here’s how.

  • Materials you will be using. Have on hand some shoe polish, soft cloth or towel, shoe brush and soap water.
  • Use shoe shine or polish. This is commonly used when cleaning leather shoes. There are a variety of colors in the market. Choose one that is close to your shoe color. Look for an old, clean rag which you’re going to use to scoop some polish on. Apply on scratches or marks of your shoes. Rub the polish on to the shoes in strokes. Then get another cloth and buff the extra polish from your shoes. Don’t stop polishing and buffing until happy with the results. Set the shoes aside to dry completely.
  • Use a damp cloth. Another way to make shoes look new is to use a damp cloth and watered down soap and water. This is applicable for canvas and leather shoes. Use an old toothbrush to brush any dirt off the shoes. Immerse the old toothbrush into the soapy mixture and scrub off the mud or dirt. Wipe clean with a rag. Don’t forget to also wipe the straps, heels and any part of the shoe that has dirt. Again, allow the shoes to dry before use. Get a dry towel and wipe shoes down again.
  • Buy a new pair of laces. It isn’t easy to wash and scrub clean shoe laces. It’s really much convenient for you to just buy new ones instead. They’ll really make your tennis shoes look new. If you’re the type who likes to take a challenge, go ahead and try to whiten your dirty shoe laces. Maybe with a little help from a toothbrush, Oxyclean (a brand) and some bleach will help. Remember to wear gloves. It might harm your skin.
  • Replace the heel or sole of your shoes. You probably won’t notice this because you’re wearing your shoes but other people will. Just bring your shoes to a shoe repair store. The shoe maker will know what to do. Who knows, you might even get a free shoe shine!
  • Get a buffing sponge. Have you seen these?  You can purchase them at some shoe stores. They make your shoes look new too just by buffing.
  • Ask the shoe salesman. When you purchase shoes in the future, ask the sales person on how to take care of your shoes so they always look new and last long.
  • Use the washing machine. Here’s how to make your sneakers, tennis shoes or canvas shoes look good as new. Immerse the whole pair of shoes in water to remove dirt. Get an old toothbrush and scrub the cloth or canvas part. If the brush gets dirty, rinse it first before immersing it in soapy water again. Repeat scrubbing. Throw it in the washing machine and let it take care of the rest of the cleaning. When tennis shoes are clean, hang to dry on a line. There are shoe hangers available. They’re really designed to hang dry or air shoes on a clothes line. Shoes may seem dry so check the insides well by placing your hand or feet into them before placing them back into your shoe rack or shoe cabinet.

Remember to wash stains out right away. There is another way to clean suede and that is with a brush. Otherwise, have it professionally cleaned. Hopefully with these tips, you’ll have a lot of “new” shoes.


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