How To Make Silk Flower Hair Barrettes

Silk flower hair barrettes can transform a simple hairstyle into an elegant up do. It just takes a few silk flowers to make a simple barrette a charming hair ornament perfect for any special occasion. By picking the appropriate colors and style of flowers, you can make a silk flower barrette to coordinate with any outfit for any event.

Small, delicate silk flowers look best when decorating barrettes. Rosebuds, violets, pansies, freesias, miniature carnations and lilies all work well. Silk flowers that work well for filler include lavender, baby’s breath and mimosa. Just one or two sprays can cover a large area. Large silk flowers can make silk flower decorated barrettes look disproportional, but, if used sparingly, can be used to make a big statement for special occasions.

Besides the silk flowers, you will need a barrette that is at least one inch wide and a glue gun with extra glue sticks. All these supplies are easily obtained at any craft store.

To start your barrette, trim the leaves off of the silk flowers and cut the stems to about one inch long. Trim the stems off of two or more of the leaves that you just snipped off of the silk flowers. Glue one, or two, if they are small, of the leaves to each end of the barrette, letting them extend slightly over the edge.

Using the glue gun, glue one or two small sprays of silk flowers on top of one of the leaves. Repeat on the other side. Starting on the ends, work your way to the middle of the barrette, gluing silk flowers down as you go. As you arrange the silk flowers onto your barrette, place the largest flowers in the middle with the smaller flowers tapering towards the sides. Add the filler silk flowers onto your barrette in between the larger silk flowers as you go along. Glue the silk flowers down in small bunches that are angled to the sides. Hold the flowers in place until the glue dries.

A tip to make arranging the flowers for your silk barrette easier is to lay the flowers out on the table in the order that you want to glue them onto the barrette. This will allow you to see what your finished silk flower barrette will look like, and you can then rearrange the silk flowers until you are satisfied with its appearance. It also makes it easier to glue the silk flowers onto the barrette as they are arranged in the proper order already, and you do not have to search for the next bunch of silk flowers.

Once the glue is dry, your new silk flower barrette is ready to accessorize and enhance your favorite outfits.


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