How To Make Simple Bracelets for Kids

Mother teaching her son

There are several ways to make simple bracelets for or with kids. From simply stringing beads onto cotton or elastic thread to making your own beads from strips of paper, kids will love making simple bracelets for themselves, friends and family members. You can even use the bracelet making as a way to teach children to follow rules or even to help children practice naming the colors and counting; with alphabet beads you can even help kids to practice their alphabet and spelling skills.

Step One
String beads of different sizes and shapes onto cotton or elastic thread by pushing the ends of threads through the holes in the beads.

Step Two
To start the bracelet, tie a knot at one end large enough to prevent the beads from slipping off the end of the string while you or a child string more beads onto the opposite end.

Step Three
Alternate colors, shapes and sizes of beads at random or make a small pattern as you add beads. As you add beads, have kids recite the colors or name the shapes of each bead.

Step Four
Add letter beads to spell out names and phrases. Help kids to practice reciting their alphabet and recognizing letters by making an alphabet bracelet.

Step Five
Make your own beads from strips of paper. Cut long strips of colored paper or magazine pages and spread liquid glue onto one side of each strip.

Step Six
Roll the paper strips into small tubes and sit aside to dry for a couple of hours as you make more beads this way.

Step Seven
String your handmade paper beads alone or with other beads onto a short piece of string.

Step Eight
Make simple bracelets for kids out of ribbons printed with names or phrases and tied around the wrists. Cut the ribbon yourself and write on names or phrases with fabric safe markers or pens.

Step Nine
Braid or tie knots in various colors of embroidery thread to make simple woven bracelets for kids. Use two or more colors to make the knots look intentional. For a more unique look, place beads in between each knot or make patterns of different knots and bead combinations.

Once the bracelets are on the kids’ wrists, do not forget to keep a close eye on each child; if the child breaks the bracelet, immediately pick up and throw away all beads so that small children do not stick the beads in their mouths or noses and choke or otherwise hurt themselves. If you are still in the mood to make bracelets after making them for all the little kids you know, then affix each with a key ring and you have key rings to give to adults.


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