How To Make Skinhead Bleachers (Bleached Pants)

Skinhead bleachers are pants that have been bleached so that the pants look like it has been stained with bleach. The skinhead bleachers often look like camouflage pants, but instead of the typical green color, it is colored blue. Here’s how you can transform your pants into skinhead bleachers.

  • Add the bleach. First of all, you need to take a bucket that is large enough to soak your entire pants in. if you are bleaching only one pair of pants, a small bucket will suffice. If you are bleaching more than one pair of pants, however, you may need a larger bucket. Next, add in some bleach onto the bucket. You do not need to fill it to the brim; otherwise the bucket will overflow once you place the pants in the bucket. Just fill it in half or around one thirds full.
  • Ball the pants. Next, take the pants that you are planning to bleach, and ball them tightly. You do not have to fold it as you ball it, because the skinhead bleachers are meant to look casual and informal. The important thing is that when you ball it, you tie it up very well so that there will be some patches that will remain dry or which the bleach will not be able to reach. This will give the bleacher pants a camouflaged effect. Otherwise, the pants will just look bleached. As an alternative, you can also use strings to ball small sections of the pants together.
  • Let stand. Now that you have balled the pants, the next step is to let it soak in the bleach. Simply place the pants on the bucket and make sure that the pair of pants is covered with the bleach completely. If there are some parts of the pants that are exposed, add some more bleach or use a clean piece of rock to weight down the pants so that it sinks to the bottom. Now, leave the pants in the bucket for around four hours or five hours. Do not leave your pants in the bleach longer than five hours, because the bleach can significantly weaken the fabric and make it prone to tears. Do not remove the pants too quickly as well, however, since bleach needs some time before it can work.
  • Wash. after you have removed the pants from the bleach solution, simply remove the strings that you have used to ball up the pants. You should notice that the patches that were stringed together tightly are darkly colored, while the rest are well bleached. Next, place the pants in the washing machine and wash with soap and water. Rinse very well and allow to dry. Once the pants are dry, you can use the skinhead bleachers.

Make sure that you do not wash other clothes in the bleach solution, since the bleach solution is quite strong and will fade other clothes very fast. With these steps, you should be able to create your very own skinhead bleachers that will go perfectly for your punk parties.


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