How To Make Spiral Curls with a Straightening Iron

If you only use a straightening iron to straighten your hair, you are not using it to its full potential! Put away the hot rollers and curling iron. It is easy to create spiral curls at home with your straightening iron, also known as a flat iron. All you need is a few products (hairspray and heat protector), a brush, a few hair clips, and your straightening iron.

Start with dry hair. Making spiral curls with a straightening iron is easiest done with “day two” hair, meaning hair that has not been washed the same day. Your hair's natural oils will cause the spiral curls you create with your straightening iron to last longer. Be sure to spritz the hair lightly with a heat defense product in order to protect it from damage from the straightening iron.

Using your hair clips, pin up the top half of your hair in medium sized sections. It is not necessary to separate the bottom half with the pins. Choose a strand of hair to curl with your straightening iron, making sure it is not so thick that heat from the iron won't reach the whole strand. Lightly mist the strand you want to cure with hair spray, and run the straightening iron over the strand one time to even the texture.

Now it is time to spiral curl with your straightening iron! Clamp the flat iron on the strand of hair two or three inches from your scalp. You can go farther out if you have longer hair and only want to curl the bottom with your straightening iron. Once the strand is in the flat iron, wrap the strand of hair all the way around it one time. Make sure you wrap the strand of hair over the iron instead of under it. Flip the straightening iron one hundred and eighty degrees, so the end of your strand of hair is coming straight out of the bottom of the flat iron.

For the next step in making spiral curls, do not put too much pressure on the straightening iron or you could break your hair. Holding the straightening iron loosely, pull it down the length of your strand of hair. The effect is similar to curling ribbons with a pair of scissors. Now you have your first curl! Spritz it lightly with hairspray, and move on to the next strand. Once the bottom half of your hair is completed, move to the top sections. It is a good idea to save the front spiral curls for last so they aren't in your eyes while you curl the back of your head with the straightening iron. Give the finished product a good spray of hair spray, and you are done!


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