How To Make Spoon Rings

Spoon rings became a tradition during the early seventeenth century. Instead of purchasing made jewelry people opted for a cheaper alternative. They were those who cannot afford expensive trinkets like servants, layman, workers, etc. Spoon rings served as wedding rings and as gifts. Spoon rings became popular again during the late 60s up to the 70s. Now with the surge of new and innovative accessories, spoon rings are coming back in style.

These are relatively easy to make. You just need a few materials and you’re ready to make your own flatware rings. Just follow the steps to ensure a clean work and product.

  • Prepare the materials. Design your ring by choosing an elegant-looking spoon. You can shop at flea markets, garage sales or just sort through your home for a great design. It is best to choose a silver flatware instead of stainless steel or metal. Silver is easier to bend to your desired size. You will also need hacksaw, a rubber mallet, a file, a vise-grip tool and a metal pipe.
  • Prepare the ring material. Use a vise-grip tool, like a flat-nose pliers to handle the spoon for cutting. It is best to cover the teeth of the grip with tape, to protect the spoon. Cut the bowl or the round end of the spoon from the handle using a hacksaw. You may also use any tool with a cut-off wheel to cut the head off.
  • File away. Ensure that the edge is safe for wearing by flattening it out with the rubber mallet. Then using the file or emery board, smooth away the edges of the spoon’s cut end. Be careful though not to scratch any part of the spoon.
  • Shape the ring. You can now start to shape your ring by wrapping the spoon handle around the metal pipe. You can use sheer force but it is better to do it gradually. Hold the cut end with the pliers and start wrapping it around the pipe by gently pounding the handle with the rubber mallet. Entwine the silver bit by bit until you reach the other end of the spoon handle. The decorative part of the spoon should be wrapped in such a way that it can hide the cut end of the handle.
  • Fit the ring for size. Once the silver has been bent to the shape of a finger, remove it from the pipe. Check the ring for rough edges before trying it on. You may now adjust the ring to your desired finger size by expanding or compressing the bands of the ring.
  • Polish. You may finish smoothing out any rough edges you may find. To achieve a gleaming look polish the ring with a silver polish. You may soak the ring or just give it a good wiping.

Accessorizing does not have to be expensive. Just a few simple steps and you are now ready to show off that fabulous silver ring. You can complement this with bracelets made from another spoon handle or a brooch or necklace made from the round end of the spoon. You not only have a new silver trinket but a couple dollars saved to boot.


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