How To Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny

Synthetic wigs are great to have if you want to change your appearance without cutting your hair. It is also good for costume parties and special events. The problem with synthetic wigs is they do not look like real hair since they are really shiny. This can be a problem if you want it to look as natural as your own hair. There are some tips that you can do in order to make the synthetic hair less shiny. Find out how to do this below.

  • Use baby powder. Prepare some baby powder that you have at home. Pour some powder onto a puff and then pat your synthetic hair slowly with the powder puff. After dusting, shake off the excess baby powder. Use the wide toothed comb to fix your synthetic wig and spread the powder evenly. The powder should get rid of some of the shine on the synthetic hair.
  • Vinegar and water. Prepare 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Place it on your sink. Make sure that the drain is closed. Afterwards, add half a gallon of water. Mix the vinegar and water and then place your synthetic wig in the mixture. Make sure that the hair is submerged in the solution. Allow the hair to soak in the mixture for about 5 minutes or so. Afterwards, drain the water and rinse the wig under cold running water. Dry the wig and comb the hair in place. Air-dry the hair to get rid of the smell of vinegar.
  • Shampoo. Another thing you can do is to wash the synthetic hair with shampoo. When you do this, you should not use regular shampoo but instead wig shampoo. You can purchase this in specialty stores or try your local salon. Wash the synthetic hair like you normally would and then use a blow dryer to air dry it. Make sure that you use cool setting when using the blow dryer.
  • Wash with fabric softener. Prepare a basin and add water and a few tablespoons of fabric softener. Allow the synthetic hair to soak in the basin for a few minutes and then use your fingers to comb through the hair. Remove the synthetic hair from the basin and allow it to dry. The chemicals on the fabric softener should get rid some of the shine from the hair.
  • Allow it to lose its shine. Synthetic hair loses their shine the more you use them. You can do this by wearing your wig inside the house. Use the wig everyday and then see the results within a week or two. You will see that the strands will slowly lose their shine the more you use it.

These are some of the things that you can do so that you can remove some of the shine from your synthetic wig. Be careful when doing soaking and shampooing the synthetic wig since a lot of strands can fall out. Follow the steps on taking care of the wig properly found on the package that it came in, so that your wig can last for a long time.


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