How To Make Thin Lips Fuller and More Plump

Fuller and plump lips make a woman feel sexier, young and more feminine. If you’ve been gifted with thin lips, don’t be discouraged as there are tips and tricks you can do to get that coveted full and plump lips. Just choose from any of these suggestions.

  • Use cosmetic plumper. There are available lip plumpers that you can easily buy from stores and malls. Find one that contains the ingredient hyaluronic acid. This chemical is a common component of lip injections that help draw in moisture to your lips, giving them a fuller look.
  • Among the brands that make use of these ingredients are City Lips and Lip Fusion.
  • Use a device that plumps lips. There are devices that help make other parts of the body fuller, and one exists for the lips as well! This device, named Luscious Lips, can help plump your lips and add volume equal to half of their original size. It only takes a few minutes to do, and you can see the effects for up to a few hours.
  • Take supplements. Remember the hyaluronic acid present in cosmetic plumpers? Well, you can take this as a supplement as well. This supplement is believed to provide an internal moisturizing effect, and can help make your lips fuller. Taking these supplements while using lip plumpers help enhance the plumping effects.
  • Brush your teeth. This is a normal daily practice, and you can also use it to help make your lips fuller. Brush your lips with a dry toothbrush. It makes them swell as the lips become mildly irritated. However, when doing this, use only soft toothbrush and make only gently movements.
  • Get injections. If you have the time and budget to spare, then you can get lip injections for a permanent result.
  • Look for one that doesn’t necessarily give you more pout, but rather one that enhances the natural shape of your lips to give them a fuller and prettier look.
  • Use cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil helps make your lips look plumper as it helps increase blood circulation for a fuller look. This oil is concentrated, so be careful to use only a small amount. After applying this, let it stand for about an hour to get your lips to fully absorb the oil.
  • Some lip plumpers also have cinnamon as an ingredient. This mildly irritates the lips, giving them a swollen and fuller look.
  • Use niacin. Niacin can be taken in liquid form as a lip plumper. It is a part of the B3 vitamins that works on the lip capillaries, causing swelling to make them look redder.
  • This is more expensive than cinnamon, and can end up irritating your lips more than necessary. If you choose to use this, mix the niacin liquid first with lip balm before directly applying it to your lips.
  • Use make-up. Start by using a warm washcloth. Rub it slowly on your lips to aid in removing dead cells.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Get a concealer whose color is a tone lighter than your skin. Apply it to your lip line. Afterward, apply small dabs of concealer powder to your lips.
  • Use a natural color lip liner and trace your lips, going slightly over their natural shape. Use a cotton swab to faintly smudge the line.
  • Get a lipstick brush and apply lipstick to your lips, following the lip line you created. Blend the lipstick and lip liner well. Avoid the use of dark colors for your lipstick.
  • Finish your make-up by applying lipgloss on the center of your bottom lip. This helps draw people’s attention to the part of the lip that’s fullest.

Once you’re done, start flaunting your fuller and plumper lips. Enjoy!


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