How To Make Up Your Eyes in 8 Steps

Female using eye cosmetics
Your eye make up is the most important aspect of your evening look. Applying eye make up can be both easy and quick, even if you need an amazing look. Follow these simple 8 steps on how to make up your eyes.

Step 1

Clean your face. Before you begin applying your make up, you should first ensure that your face and eyes are clean and free from dirt or old makeup. Wash and dry your face thoroughly before beginning to add make up to your eyes.

Step 2

Start with concealer. To begin applying make up to your eyes, first start with some concealer. You may use it under your eyes to cover up dark spots, and you can also use it on your inner eye to even out the tone of your skin in that area. Rub a few dabs of concealer under each eye until the color has blended with your natural skin tone.

Step 3

Put on some eye shadow. The next step in making up your eyes quickly is to add some eye shadow. (You may wish to start with an eye base to act as a primer for your eye shadow, although this isn't necessary.) The best eye shadow application is two- or three-toned, with each color blended well together. The first color you use should be the lightest. Apply it all the way across your lid until it meets your brow bone. The next darkest shade of eye shadow should be applied just on your lid, followed by the darkest shade of eye shadow which goes in the crease of your eye. Use an applicator brush or your finger to blend the colors.

Step 4

Add some eyeliner. After you apply eye shadow, put on some eyeliner. Dark colors are best. Using a slanted brush or the brush that came with your eyeliner, apply this make up as close to the upper lash as you can, starting at your inner eye and working outward. Repeat this process for the bottom of your eyes, this time starting at the middle of your eye and working outward. Try not to make the line too thick or noticeable. It's only meant to highlight your eyes, not outline them in thick, dark lines.

Step 5

Lighten up with some highlighter. Continue to make up your eyes by using a light-colored highlighter. Outline a ‘v' shape from the corner of your eye outward on both top and bottom. Blend with a brush or your finger to make your eyes really stand out.

Step 6

Make your brows noticeable. Using the same highlighter (gold or pink works best), apply some to your brow bone. Focus on the middle of your eye brow and above, blending with your finger afterward.

Step 7

Add some curl. Your eye make up isn't complete without curling your lashes. Make your eyelashes look even longer curling them with a hot eyelash curler. Heat it with a blow dryer, pinch your last between the curler, and hold for a few seconds. Repeat on both eyes.

Step 8

Finish off with some mascara. The final step in applying make up to your eyes is adding mascara. This must always be done last. Using the applicator brush (or wand) that came with your mascara, brush mascara on your eye lashes, working from the root of the lash outward. Move the brush back and forth for better coverage. Repeat on both your top and bottom lashes. And you've just made up your eyes in 8 easy steps.


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