How To Make Vinegar Hair Rinse

Even the shampoo and conditioners that are manufactured for your hair can add damage when used alone. One of the best ways to give your hair the relaxing break it needs from the harsh chemicals in most hair products is to use a vinegar hair rinse. A vinegar hair rinse will remove the residues on the hair and will rinse away the build up that accumulates on the shaft and near the scalp. Here’s how you can make your own rinse.

  1. Prepare. For the vinegar hair rinse, you will need at least two cups of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has the right acidity level to treat your hair without drying it out. You will also need some essential oils to combine to the hair rinse. The essential oils will depend on you – you can use almond oil, lavender oil, or whatever oils you have available. These will condition the hair and keep your scalp nourished. Combine the ingredients in a glass jar with a cover, and shake well until the oil has completely combined into the vinegar mixture. Remember to do your research first when using the essential oils, since some oils can be very strong, and will irritate the skin when not used in proper doses. Usually, a few drops will suffice, especially as too much oil will make your hair seem oily.
  2. Add to water. To use the rinse, you will need to take a teaspoon of the mixture and combine it with one cup of lukewarm water. Mix these together using your fingers, and then add to your hair. Massage well until it has soaked your entire hair. If you have extra long hair, you may want to use one and a half cup of the solution. Use your fingers to get the solution to penetrate the scalp. Massage the tips of your hair as well, which are usually very damaged and brittle because of exposure to the elements.
  3. Wrap. After five to ten minute of massaging your hair, you can then squeeze out the excess moisture from the hair. Afterwards, wrap the hair in a soft towel. This will keep the hair moist enough to allow the vinegar rinse to work its cleaning effects. Once the hair has completely dried out, you can then let your hair air dry. Style as usual.
  4. Repeat. To get the full benefits of a vinegar hair rinse, make sure that you perform the procedure in regular intervals. Usually, once or twice a week is best. Do not undertake the hair rinse on a daily basis, however, since the vinegar, although diluted, can still dry out the hair when used too frequently. Also keep in mind that the vinegar rinse should not be used right after you have had your hair colored, since the acidic properties of the solution can interfere and react with your hair dyes.

Getting the great mane of hair that you have always wanted for free is easy using ingredients that are available around the house. Once you have made your vinegar hair rinse solution, be sure to store it in a cool dry place.


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