How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

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It's no secret that large breasts are desired by all. They're a sign of beauty and sexuality, and many women will do just about anything to make their breasts look bigger. If you're one of them, follow these tips to a bigger chest.

Step 1

Get implants. If you can afford it, implants are the best and most permanent way to make your breasts look bigger. You'll pay thousands of dollars for each breast, but you'll be guaranteed a lovely shape and voluptuous boobs. Implants look and feel real. With a few weeks recovery time, you'll have the bigger breasts you always dreamed of.

Step 2

Wear a good bra. Another way to perk up your chest is to invest in a good bra. The best bra to make your breasts look bigger is a push-up bra with padding and underwire. It will draw your breasts closer together and also make them look fuller. Your partner will be sure to notice your well-endowed chest when you wear the right bra.

Step 3

Stuff it. It's the good ol' grade school trick, but stuffing your bra will actually make your breasts look bigger. Whether you use padding, Kleenex or an old sock, a soft material in the lower portion of your bra cup will add instant size to your breasts. Just make sure that each side looks equal and doesn't have any lumps or obvious signs of stuffing.

Step 4

Buy a fitted undergarment. You can increase the size of your breasts with specially-designed bra add-ons. You don't need to go to a specialty store to find these unique undergarments either. They're available at your local department store. These fit below your bra and act to support your bra as they push up your boobs. They look much like a tube top but they're elasticized and often have some time of wiring in them to add extra support. Think of them as a push-up for your push-up bra!

Step 5

Show a little cleavage. You can trick someone into thinking your breasts are bigger by drawing attention to your breasts. All you need to do is show a bit more cleavage than normal. Unbutton a few more buttons, wear a sexy tank top, go for v-neck shirts over crew-cut shirts and don't cover your neck! A flashy necklace that hangs on your chest will draw many admirers who won't help but notice your lovely breasts.


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