How To Make Your Breasts Look Fuller

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If we are to believe the fashion magazines, every woman sports a set of naturally full, perky breasts which look great in any top. Unfortunately, the truth is a bit different, but there are some techniques you can use to make your breasts look fuller, which can be a big boost to self-confidence. You may also find it easier to fit clothing, since many fitted women's garments are designed for full, even breasts.

Step 1

Buy a bra that fits properly. Sometimes, all it takes is the right bra, and many women are wearing a bra that is improperly sized for them. By fitting a bra properly, you can reduce strain on your neck and back by supporting your breasts, and you can also elevate them and create an additional sense of fullness.

If you haven't been fitted for a bra before, go ahead and treat yourself. Bra fitters are professionals, and they are very good at what they do. Find a reputable lingerie store in your area, and turn yourself over to the capable hands of the staff.

Be sure to ask for recommendations, and explain that you would like to find a bra that makes your breasts look fuller.

Step 2

Throw out all of those old, yucky, stretched-out bras. If a bra is stretched out, it is not going to provide proper support, and that means that your breasts are going to look saggy, even if they aren't. Old bras also don't provide the proper structural support for your neck, back, and shoulders. Besides, it's a real downer to wear a funky old bra under nice clothes!

Step 3

Pick the right clothes. Especially for women with smaller breasts, artful garment selection can make a big difference. Shirts with extra mass in the front in the form of ruffles, ruching, and so forth can create an illusion of fullness, or you can opt for snug tops which expose your cleavage; to add extra emphasis, use a powder or blush a shade or so darker than your skin tone to dust your cleavage, creating the suggestion of more depth. Use a lighter powder on the top of your breasts for contrast.

Shirts with darts and pleats will emphasize your chest and waistline, making your bosom look much fuller. You can also wear a snug camisole under your clothes to add some volume to your chest; lace-lined camisoles can also be very attractive under button-down shirts.

Step 4

Pad it. Padding is an old trick, and it works, especially when done well. Many bra manufacturers make bras that can be fitted with pads, and for women with unevenly sized breasts, the pockets for padding can also be used to compensate for size differences, to create more symmetry. Use gel or foam pads for more natural contours.

Step 5

Stand up straight. Good posture shows your breasts off to advantage, especially if you use excercises which develop your pectorals, providing more support for your breasts. Remember to keep your shoulders back, which will thrust your chest forward. Standing up straight also projects a confident image.

Step 6

Don't go overboard. If your breasts feel cartoonish to you, they will probably look cartoonish to someone else. Subtlety and self-confidence will go a long way.

Fuller breasts can do wonders for self-confidence, especially if you take the time to make them look subtle, rather than garish. Always make sure to do a mirror check before you leave your house to make sure that your shirt is properly fitted and your outfit flows nicely, and remember to stand up straight and walk with confidence and self-assurance.

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