How To Get a Bigger Butt: Butt Exercises

From a Butt Implant to Wearing the Right Clothes—These Tips Can Help

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If your hiney isn't making you happy, you don't have to live with it. You can have the perfect butt with a little bit of work. Here are a few ways you can make your butt look bigger so that it will get noticed. These tips include exercises, wearing the right clothes and even getting a butt implant. 

Step 1

Build muscle in your buttocks. If you want a bigger butt, you should first look to butt exercises. Your butt will be rounder and larger if you tone the muscles in it. The best exercise is the full squat. (As a bonus, this will make your legs shapelier, too!) Stand straight up, and then bend at the knees to almost a sitting position with your arms both extended fully outward. Lower to a full chair squat (knees at a 90˚ bend) and raise your arms up just a bit above your head. Repeat this squat 10-15 times a day to give your backside more bulk.

You can also try an exercise called a kick back. Stand on one leg and with the free leg, kick backwards until your butt tightens. Switch legs and repeat 10 times. (You can add resistance like ankle weights or cables to increase the muscle in your buttocks and legs.)

Step 2

Change your weight. You can also make your butt larger by changing your weight. If you're underweight or don't have much fat or muscle, you need to gain. Eat more carbs and fat to pack on the pounds. On the other hand, larger people should lose weight to bring out curves in the backside. The weight might not all come off at once, but decreasing the size of your belly will draw more attention to your butt.

Step 3

Get implants. You may be surprised to know that butt implants exist. Or, you can have a butt lift, which will bring your sagging rear higher and make it more voluptuous--giving you the perfect shape. This is a drastic measure to take to make your butt look bigger. But if that's what you're desperate for, then consider plastic surgery.

Step 4

Wear the right clothes. Making your butt look bigger might be as easy as choosing the right clothes for your body type. Your pants will have the most effect on how your butt looks. Choose jeans that emphasize your rear, with large pockets that have decals or sequins on the back. Jeans should hug your bottom and separate your butt from your thighs. You can also buy special underwear that will shape your backside for you, making it appear larger. Tight jeans are your best choice.


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