How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Big eyes, such as full lips or a pert nose, are a feature that many women desire -- but not all are born doe-eyed. Happily, there are numerous ways natural ways to enhance the appearance of one's eyes, making them appear larger with a few easy tricks.

Makeup plays a key role in making eyes look both large and awake. Many fashion manuals instruct women to highlight the area directly under their eyebrow with a shimmery eye shadow, but this can often appear dated (too 1980s) and, more importantly, not always appropriate for daytime. Instead, follow these simple makeup instructions:

  1. Choose a light, neutral-colored eye shadow to sweep over entire lid (but not necessarily over the brow bone.)
  2. Pick a darker color to blend near the outer corners of eyes. Make sure to keep this darker color away from the inner corners of eyes -- use your iris as a guide.
  3. Using a third color of eye shadow, blend all shadows together -- again be sure to keep most color towards the outer corners of eyes. Dot a shimmering or light-colored shadow in center of eyelids to reflect extra light.
  4. Mascara is immensely important, but first curls your lashes. Pay extra attention to lashes on the outer corners of eyes. Then carefully apply two coats of mascara, avoiding clumps.

Some fashion magazines suggest curling lashes after applying mascara, but this is risky because lashes that have already been coated with mascara will break easily. Broken lashes will only make eyes look smaller, so to be on the safe side, curl lashes first!

Hairstyle also plays an important role in the appearance of eye size. As much as grown women may have childhood flashbacks when they hear the phrase, "Keep your hair out of your face", pulling hair back does cause eyes to seem larger. Super-tight buns or ponytails may look too severe, but hair slightly pulled back from the sides of one's face does wonders for the eyes.

Another trick is to wear earrings that catch the light -- the simple art of light reflection instantly brightens the face.

These are simple, everyday ways to enhance the eyes. The more one practices with makeup, the easier it becomes to get the right look. Buying an eye shadow palette with at least three colors in it makes it easier to match shades, so that the hardest part (finding coordinating colors) is already done for you.


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