How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Want to have long lean legs but aren’t genetically blessed with it? So what? Fake it instead! It’s all about illusion and tricking the eye to make others see what isn’t really there. If you want to make your legs look longer, here are some things you can do.

  • Keep your legs toned. If your body is proportional even if you’re petite, you can fake having a great set of legs. Focus your exercises on keeping your legs toned and stretched. Do yoga, pilates, lunges and squats to make your legs look longer and leaner.
  • Wear heels. An instant way to add inches to your frame is to wear heels. Even a kitten heel will give the illusion of height. Stilettos are the way to go, but if you’re not used to wearing heels or your feet cringe at the thought of wearing any pair of shoes over an inch off the ground, consider wedges or even a slight heel.
  • Wear shoes the same color as your feet or pants. A monochromatic color scheme will elongate you. If you wear a dark colored top with a dark wash denim and black boots, you’ll look longer and leaner all around. Think of ice skaters when they wear flesh or brown colored skates instead of white.
  • Get a tan. Get some sun on your legs to look longer and leaner. If you want to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, use a tanning lotion or a product with some shimmer on your legs.
  • Mind the cut of your pants. You need to get a pair of pants that will be flattering to your proportions. Avoid wide leg pants since these tend to overwhelm a petite frame. The most flattering cut of pants are bootleg pants or a good straight leg jean. Be careful of skinny jeans because these tend to emphasize your widest parts, making you look imbalanced and not proportional.
  • Mind the length of your pants. When you wear pants, the hem should land on the tongue of the shoe or the midpoint of your foot. If you want to fake having looking longer legs, avoid having your pants cut at the ankle. If your pants are too short, you will also look short. It’s better to have a long pair of pants paired with a heeled shoe to make your appear as if you have legs that go on for miles.
  • Mind the color of your pants. Dark wash is the way to go. Avoid pants that have streaks or a faded wash right over the tops of your thighs. It’s like having a spotlight on the thickest part of your legs. If you have a dark wash jean, or pants with pinstripes or other vertical details, your legs will look longer.
  • Walk with good posture. Don’t slouch and keep your head up and look straight ahead. Take small to medium steps instead of long strides. You’ll look taller and more confident. It’s about attitude baby, so play it up!

Since there’s no plastic surgery as of yet to add inches to your legs, you’re going to have to make do with what you have. Create the illusion of longer legs with your clothes and the way you carry yourself.


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