How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

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Short of plastic surgery, there seems to be few options these days for women who are looking for more luscious lips. That lip liner can only extend your lip line so far before it seems obvious that you'd like bigger lips. If you're wondering how to make your lips look bigger, there are a few techniques available to you. Consider these tricks of the trade when aiming to make your own lips lovely and luscious.

  1. Try a lip inflator or volumizer. Sally Hansen makes an inexpensive lip inflator that actually swells your lips. It's worth a try. There are a few styles of lipstick out there too that claim to add volume.
  2. Use a dark lip liner. To make your lips look bigger, line your bottom lip with a lip liner that is at least 2 shades darker than the lipstick that you normally wear. Blend this line in with some shiny lip gloss and no one will ever notice that you're trying to make your lips look bigger.
  3. Trick the eye. You can make your lips seems bigger just by making them more noticeable. Try a shiny lip gloss. It will help to plump up your lips by accentuating every angle of your lips.
  4. Define just the top of your lips. Use lip liner to define the arch in your top lip only, and then add gloss everywhere.
  5. Stretch the truth a little. If you're trying to make your lips look bigger, who says you can't just make them bigger? Apply your lipstick just outside of your natural lip line. Top with a clear lip gloss and you'll have succulent lips.
  6. Add foundation to your lips before lipstick. To stretch out your natural lip line, you can use foundation to blend that lip line into your face a bit more. When your lips blend into the rest of your face, you'll have a much easier time of redefining your lips to more the size you were hoping for.
  7. Go for a dark lipstick. Again, if you make them stand out, your lips will naturally look bigger. Go for a basic dark red color and apply liberally.
  8. If all else fails, opt for implants. Yes, lip implants really do exist. But they're not cheap at about $2000. Consider this to be your last resort - you can buy at lot of lipstick and liner for that price!

It's the dream of most women to have thicker, bigger lips. And if you can't physically make them that way, then it's good to at least have a few tips and strategies under your belt for making your lips seem bigger. Any one of these tips will help you make your lips look bigger and plumper and your date will surely take note of your luscious lips.


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