How To Have Long Lasting Lipstick: Get Beautiful Lips

Get Tips for Applying Lipstick and Making it Last

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Applying lipsticks can definitely accentuate your lips. However, you need to choose the right shade and brand that will suit you. Then, you need to know how to apply lipstick. Now, if you already have the right lipstick, and you know how to put it on, the next challenge is making it stay longer without constantly re-applying. You want to look fresh the whole day, but you might not always have the opportunity to reapply after each meal or snack.

As a solution, most manufacturers have come up with products that are made to last longer than the regular products. However, if your favorite is not specially formulated to last long, here are some tips to help:

  • Exfoliate your lips. Your lips also have dead skin cells, and it is important for you to remove these before applying lipstick. This will result in a smoother finish, and will definitely make it last longer. To exfoliate, gently swab your lips using a sponge or a soft brush.
  • Use powder. One of the best ways to make lipstick stay longer is by applying a thin layer of loose powder on your lips before application. The powder helps prevent smudging and will keep your color in place. Dab a bit of loose powder on a cotton swab or sponge and apply to your lips, including the lip line. You may remove excess powder using a facial tissue.
  • Use a lip liner. Using a lip liner will help in precisely outlining your lips. This is also a good way to make your lipstick last longer. The liner is usually made of material that is drier than lipstick to prevent it from smudging. It is important to choose the right liner and make sure that it will blend well. If possible, use the same brand. Or, choose a skin- or nude-colored lipliner so you can use it with any of your colors.
  • Use tissue to remove excess lipstick. Get a tissue and place it in between your lips. Then, apply a second layer of color. This layering will result in longer lasting lipstick, so you don't have to reapply often.
  • Choose a good brand. A lot of brands are available. Choose one that provides a long lasting lipstick. Look for a good quality of gloss and longevity. Although a good brand would cost more, in the long run, you can actually save money because they will last longer.
  • Store your lipstick properly. Storing your lipstick properly will help maintain its quality. You need to make sure that the temperature is regulated. Keep it away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and extreme humidity.

Wearing lipstick may not exactly be challenging. But reapplying every so often can be a hassle, especially if you're busy. Making your lipstick last longer may be a minor thing, but if it can help reduce your worries about how you look, then it's a good thing.


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thank you, i now get the sense why makeup professionals put face powder or foundation before applying lipstick - to dry the lips so the lipstick will adhere better.. layering lipstick is also something i haven't heard before. very helpful. thanks again!

By Anonymous