How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Long and thick lashes are the envy of many, especially with women. While not everyone is blessed with thick and long eyelashes, a woman can make their eyelashes lusher with the application of a coat or two of mascara. If does wonders to the eyes, opening them up and emphasizing them. Thus mascara is an essential part of a woman’s cosmetic bag. However, with daily use it thickens and dries up before it can be fully consumed.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a mascara tube.

  1. Get a tube of mascara with a wand that suits your need and purpose. There are straight, thin or thick wands. Some mascara wands are contoured and said to curl your lashes as you apply the mascara. Thicker and contoured wands will provide a generous coat that will thicken your lashes. Thinner wands will help you to reach the corner lashes and those that are on your lower lid. A thinner wand will coat the lashes thinly and separately.
  2. Keep two tubes of mascara - one with a thicker or contoured wand and one with the thinner and straight wand. You can then use the thicker wand on the majority of your lashes and use the thin one for hard to reach lashes on the corners and on the lower lip for cleaner application. This way you do not have to use one wand for far longer than necessary to apply a coat to all your lashes as the air will dry out the mascara and the wand itself as you try to reach the corners.
  3. Wash and clean your face before going to bed and make sure that every trace of mascara is removed from your lashes. Do not apply a new coat of mascara over the one that you applied in the morning. Some of the dry bits of mascara will transfer to your wand and eventually end up inside the tube. In time your mascara will be clogged and make it difficult to use.
  4. Clean your mascara wand periodically with mild soap and warm water. Make sure that the wand is completely dry before you place it back into the tube. Keep the mascara tube tightly covered with some plastic and rubber band or a bit of foil while you clean the wand.
  5. Do not pump the wand in and out of the mascara tube to get more mascara into the wand. Unscrewing the cap and swishing the wand one or twice around inside the tube will coat the wand with enough mascara to apply to your lashes.  Continuous pumping will introduce air into the tube and eventually dry up your mascara.
  6. Another trick to extend the life of your mascara that has thickened is to immerse the tube in a cup of hot water for several seconds. It will warm up the mascara and liquefy it without sacrificing the consistency with the introduction of mineral oil.

While you may extend the life of your mascara longer using some of the tips above, do not forget to observe the proper hygiene. Do not share your mascara with another person to avoid contamination. And throw away unused mascara that you have kept for more than six months.


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