How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer with Ease

Most women like to have beautiful painted nails all the time. It can really make their day when they get a manicure and a pedicure. Alas, there are times when the nail polish gets cracked and chipped after a day. It can cause distress for some women when this happens. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your nail polish will last longer.

  1. Remove all traces of old nail color preferably with a non-acetone nail color remover before soaking your fingers in warm, soapy water.
  2. Clean and trim your nails and push your cuticles down with an orange stick. File your fingernails in one direction only to avoid rough fingernail edges.
  3. Dry your fingernails and use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to remove all traces of oil residue. Allow your fingernails to dry naturally and thoroughly.
  4. Apply some base coat from the base of your nail following the center to the tip and up both sides of your fingernail. Make sure that you apply an even coat and the entire surface is covered. The base coat will help ensure that your fingernails are protected from the colors and chemicals contained in some darker nail polishes that can stain your nail bed. The base coat assures that there is a layer wherein the color can adhere to better.
  5. Allow the base coat to thoroughly dry before you apply your first coat of nail polish. Using the same technique you used for applying the base coat, apply a thin layer of color to the entire surface, then run the side of the nail polish brush along the edge of your fingernail to seal it with color. Some people apply the first coat of nail polish vertically and horizontally to fill and even out the lines and creases that naturally occur in fingernails.
  6. Let the first layer of nail polish to dry thoroughly before you apply a second coat. You may or may not seal the edge of your fingernails this time. Give it time to dry thoroughly and naturally. Do not blow on wet nail polish to avoid bubbles from forming. Do not use hot air to dry them as this can disturb the layer of nail polish that you have just applied.
  7. Seal in you nail polish with a top coat or a clear nail varnish. This will sandwich the color in between layers of base and top coats to provide stronger protection against chipping.
  8. Avoid using your fingernails to remove staple wires or open canned drinks. Not only will this ensure that your nail polish will not chip, it will also protect your fingernails from undue stress and damage.
  9. Keep your fingernails at a manageable length so that they do not get in the way when you do some minor chores like cutting vegetables and meat.
  10. Always wear gloves when you do your household chores to protect your hands and prevent your nail polish from chipping.

You cannot always have a professional give you a good manicure, but following the tips given above will ensure that your nail color will not chip before your next salon appointment.


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