How To Make Your Nail Polish Stay On

Having nice manicured nails makes your hands look cleaner and more professional. Women spend hundreds of dollars every year at nail salons to get their nails done. So is it any wonder that it’s just absolutely frustrating to have your nail polish chip off or fade after a few days?

No matter how pretty your manicure is at the start, it’s just unflattering once the color starts to chip and fade. If getting your nail polish to stay on is a problem for you, read on to learn tricks to make the polish last longer.

  • Get a good application. The best thing you can do to make sure that your nail polish stays on is to get a good coat on your nails. Your nails should be properly cleaned and prepped before the base coat is applied. Remove all traces of old polish before you put a new coat on. Have a second coat applied to your nails to get a good color and application. When you brush on the polish, use three strokes per nail. Start with the center then one stroke per each side. This will ensure an even application of nail polish on the entire nail.
  • Get a gel manicure. When you go to the nail salon, indulge in a gel manicure instead of an ordinary manicure. It costs twice as much but the results last much longer! Not all nail salons offer this, but if yours does, try it and you may never go back to ordinary manicures again.
  • Use a top coat sealant. Once you get your top and base coat applied, apply a sealant on the nails. A clear nail polish will also do the trick. Sally Hansen makes excellent nail products you can try. This will add more luster, shine and help the polish dry faster.
  • Avoid using your nails as a tool. Treat your hands and nails with tender loving care, and avoid using your nails to pry things open, as a letter opener or to scrub things off surfaces. Use a screwdriver, the back of a knife, a letter opener or any other flat object for that instead of your nails. If you use your nails for these activities, your nail polish will surely chip off no matter how many layers of application you use.
  • Don’t soak your nails or hands in water. Avoid doing the dishes. Use the dishwasher. Use gloves when you do chores, especially when using chemicals such as cleansers, detergents and other abrasive substances and materials. If you won’t put the item on your face, don’t use it on your nails.
  • Choose a neutral color. If no matter what you do, you just can’t get your nail polish to stick, opt for a soft shade instead of something bright like hot pink, red or blue. This way, it won’t be so obvious when your polish starts to chip or fade. If you stick with beige, champagne, light pinks and soft corals, it’s easier to disguise the chipping and fading.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you get a manicure so you don’t encounter the same problem again. If you take care of your hands and nails, your polish will last longer.


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