How To Make Your Nose Appear Smaller

Not all noses are the same shape and size. Women with slightly larger noses often try to find ways to make them look smaller. Some people who have the money turn to cosmetic surgeons to have their noses physically reduced or tapered. If you want to make your nose look smaller, no need to spend a lot of money on plastic surgery. There are other non-surgical ways to make your nose look smaller.

Follow these tips to make your nose appear smaller than it really is.

  1. Use your normal foundation for the whole face. If your nose is wide, get a foundation that is one shade darker and apply this to both sides of the nose starting at the eyebrows down to the tip of the nose. Do not place this foundation on the bridge of your nose. Blend in the foundation well. You can make a longer nose look shorter by using a foundation in a darker shade underneath the nose. If you have a hooked nose, try applying a slightly darker foundation along the center of your nose. Apply a small amount of highlighter under the tip of your nose. Blend well.
  2. When applying make-up, apply eye shadow on the sides of the nose. Use a color that is slightly darker than your skin tone. This will make the nose appear thinner. Using an eye shadow that has a slightly greener hue helps in minimizing the depth around the edges of the nose. Your nose will appear smaller. Highlighting pens can be used instead of eye shadow.
  3. Apply powder on your nose that is darker by about one to two shades than what you regularly use on your face.
  4. Use a concealer to cover up any blemishes or scars on your nose.
  5. Use only matte foundation and concealer. This will make your nose appear less shiny.
  6. Draw the attention away from your nose by making your eyes, cheeks and lips stand out. But don’t highlight two or all three at one time. Let your eyes be the focus of everyone’s attention by putting more drama to your make-up. Apply mascara to highlight your eyelashes.
  7. Apply blush closer to your nose. This will make your nose appear smaller. Make sure to use the right blush color for your skin tone. Berry shades are more for darker skin tones, pink shades for fairer skin. When applying blush, if you have an oval, heart-shaped or square face, start at the apples of your cheeks going towards your temples. If your face is round, start at the corners of your mouth moving towards your temples.
  8. Never over-pluck your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thinner as well as farther from each other, more attention is directed to your nose.
  9. Don’t part your hair in the middle. Doing so directs the eyes of the person looking at you to the middle part of your face. Go for a fuller hairstyle, not a slick back one.

Reminder:  When applying make-up, make sure to blend well. Your foundation, concealer, highlighter, eye shadow and blush should always be applied properly using the correct brushes or make-up sponges.

There are different make-up and hairstyle techniques to make your nose look thinner or smaller. No need to go to a plastic surgeon and spend a sizeable amount of money. Follow the tips above and see which one works for you.


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