How To Make Your Own Derby Hat

Want to be the star of the next Kentucky Derby? Or probably you may just be trying out new styles for kicks. Either way, you can easily make your own derby hat for a better fashion statement that wards off the harmful sun radiation on your head. But of course, don’t forget to work against hat hair once you get addicted to wearing your derby hat of choice. Here are the very easy steps in helping you make your own derby hat:

  • Measure the dimensions. Know your size first. This way, you will know what size of hat you will need and how much materials you will need. Measuring the dimensions will also save you the trouble of having to measure midway during your construction. This is really the appropriate first step to take.
  • Straw hat. Your straw hat must be plain and easy to decorate. Also, this hat must be something that fits the measurement that you previously made. This straw hat will serve as the base for the other elements. You can choose to make your own straw hat manually, but this will eat up your energies and keep you from devoting it to providing the right decoration.
  • Crown. The crown is some sturdy metal that is used for hats. You need to boil this for a few minutes and shape it in the contour of the straw hat that you will be using. This will serve as a good skeleton for the hat, to keep it from being deformed by movement later on. You can have the hat without the crown, but it’s still a better option to keep something like that to hold it in place. It will serve as a good base that will ensure that the decorations will not fall off or become sloppy after repeated use.
  • Ornaments. Ornaments are something that you can liberally choose! You can get anything from flowers to ribbons. Just make sure that you have this planned out and laid out. Visualize first the ornaments before you finalize your design. This will help you avoid problems like having a mismatch and erroneously putting a disastrous color that contrasts everything else in the hat.
  • Gluing. Glue gun often does the trick for straw hats. Just apply in such a way that it will not be too obvious for people who will see your hat. Apply the right amount and make it as subtle as possible.
  • Option final touch. Ribbons and other tiny designs are optional final touches that you can also glue to your hat. Try to fit the hat and see if it will fall off. Make adjustments if necessary.

It is really a good thing to try a different design from time to time so that you will be able to hone your hat making and designing skills. It is an accomplishment to be able to construct something so creatively. Perhaps you can offer to design for your friends too so that you will perfect the skill more effectively.


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