How To Make Your Own Fusion Hair Extensions

Everyone seems to want to have longer hair these days. If you want to have longer hair without having to wait for months or even years to grow your long locks, you can always go to your friendly neighborhood salon and get your own weave or extensions. Unfortunately, the cost of labor would absolutely be hard to take on the budget and even if you get a nice hairstyle after the appointment, it would be fairly hard to be happy knowing that your pocket took a hit.

Longer hair would allow you to have more adventurous updos and more eye catching hairstyles, so getting fusion hair extensions would be a good idea. Using fusion hair extensions is better since they are just temporary compared to the more laborious and sometimes painful method of having weave tracks knitted and almost sewn to your head. The fusion hair extensions allow you to have long hair when you want it and stop having them on your hair on your own terms.

Here’s how you create your own fusion hair extensions:

  1. Purchase a bundle of human hair from specialty stores or over the Internet. There are shops that specialize with this type of product. Hair that is sold this way are cleaned and disinfected so there’s no reason to feel queasy about the cleanliness of the strands. They come in different shades and colors so just pick the one that appeals to you the most. You can even dye your hair in the same shade so that it would blend it a lot better.
  2. Using a heating wand or a glue gun to allow you to melt keratin granules. The keratin granules turn into sticky goo when exposed to heat so you can easily use it as a bonding agent. Pick small sections of the hair strands and bind them together with the heated granules.
  3. Once you have enough bundles set aside, you may leave them aside and prepare to fuse them to your hair. The keratin granules are a lot better than the normal glue sticks since they are a lot more delicate with their interaction with your hair. All they need is a little heat to get activated. Also, the keratin granules tend to be more subtle in the way they set and harden as opposed to the glue stick that tend to be more globular and unflattering once they set. Make sure that you are using as little amount of the keratin as possible.

Once you have the bundles, you would just have to reactivate the keratin to fuse it with your hair. Removing it would also be easy. Just reactivate it again to make it pliable again and easy to pick apart. It might not be as glamorous as going to the salon for a hair treatment but at least most of your money stays in your pocket. Now that’s a great trade off!


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