How To Make Your Own Hair & Body Products Line

Given our present condition today, it is not practical to use everything commercial. For one, commercial products can be really expensive. You might just wake up one day that you are already too broke to buy a commercial soap. Another is that these commercial products can contain really harsh chemicals that can destroy your skin or hair. Do not worry if you wake up penniless one day. You can still have a shampoo, soap, a face and body scrub and moisturizers without spending too much. Plus, these are all natural so you will not have to worry about harsh chemicals for your sensitive skin.

If you want a healthy body and pocket, you can follow these really simple steps to be more practical and natural.

  • Prepare your materials. You might not have noticed it but there are a lot you can do with whatever natural goods are in your house than you could ever imagine. You can start discovering new hair and body product lines by getting some honey, apple cider vinegars, avocados, cucumbers, olive oils, vegetable oils, virgin coconut oils and other natural stuff that you want. You are also going to need some containers and stirring rods. Take as much as you can.
  • For your soap, you can make multipurpose honey soap. First you need to put a cup of honey into a container, and two cups of water and two cups of really mild liquid soap. Once all these three are already in the container, take a stirring rod and stir them together evenly. You can use this mixture as hand soap, face wash or body wash.
  • For your face and hair mask, you can make multipurpose mask out of avocado. Get the flesh of one avocado and mash it until it is already smooth and fine. Better, you can get it in the food processor so it can be really creamy. That’s just it. After processing your avocado, you can now put it into your hair or your skin to moisten them.
  • Make an anti-dandruff solution with apple cider vinegar. Get an apple cider vinegar, some lukewarm water and a container. Put two cups of apple cider vinegar into the container and dilute it with four cups water. You can use this solution to prevent dandruff and to make sure that your hair is growing healthily.
  • To make multipurpose night cream, get two vitamin E capsules. Get the powders from the capsules and get rid of the skin capsules. Add them to two tablespoon of virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil. Stir them evenly. You can use them as night cream for your skin. You can use them on your elbows, your face and your scalp. Leave them on while you are sleeping and then rinse them when you hit the shower the next morning.

Make sure that these mixtures do not get spoiled so you can use them again. Some of these can be really great when you put them in the refrigerator to preserve them. If a mixture smells spoiled, do not use it. Discard the spoiled mixture and make a new one. Making a new mixture will not get you broke, anyway.


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