How To Make Your Own Ionic Foot Bath

An ionic foot bath is part of a holistic and alternative health treatment that aims to cleanse and detoxify the body and rid it of impurities. You may have seen documentaries about it on TV – a person sits down and immerses his feet on a foot bath filled with clear water, and after some time this water becomes black and muddled. It is said that the dirt and toxins in the body are released from the body down to the feet, and then transferred to the water via the foot bath. There are many detractors to this health treatment, however, with many experts claiming it’s nothing more than a hoax. However, if you believe that it won’t harm you to try this out for yourself, one of the best ways could be for you to make your own ionic foot bath (after all, purchasing your own machine could set you back by about $200). Read on for the steps:

  • Prepare the hardware. You will need two basins (big and deep enough to contain one foot and the water you will use), two metal spoons, two pieces of insulated electrical wire, two crocodile clips, two 9 volt batteries and electrical tape.
  • Know how to connect the tools. Take the two spoons and attach them to the insulated electrical wire (one spoon to one wire) using electrical tape. Take the ends of these two electrical wires and then attach one crocodile clip to each wire. In essence, you now have one electrical wire, with a metal spoon attached at one end and a crocodile clip attached to the other.
  • Prepare the basin. Fill the basin with warm water, filling it up to about a few inches deep (the important thing is that you will be able to immerse your entire feet in the water later on). Place a tablespoon of salt in each basin.
  • Connect the basin and the hardware. Get the two pieces of electrical wire you prepared earlier, and attach the crocodile clips to the 9 volt battery (one crocodile clip to one battery). Then, immerse the spoons in the basin (one spoon to one basin).
  • Immerse one foot in each basin. Once you have the connections done, you can now enjoy your ionic foot bath. Simply immerse your feet in the basins, and then wait for about 10 minutes – this is the time it usually takes for the ionic foot bath to work.
  • Know of other ways to prepare the water. The simplest way to prepare the water is the one described above (a simple salt mixture), but you could also prepare it by mixing a cup of sea salt, a cup Epsom salt, and two cups baking soda. Mix these together well, and add it in the basin filled with hot water. You may even be inclined to try out a honey foot bath detox, by mixing a tablespoon honey, a tablespoon liquid soap, a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix this all in warm water you place in the basin.

There you have it! These are easy steps for making your own ionic foot bath. It’s fairly easy to do, and this is certainly helpful if you just want to try out the principle of detoxification to see if it is indeed effective for you. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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