How To Make Your Own Moisturizing Nail and Cuticle Oil

When caring for your nails, you have to pay special attention to your cuticles. Cuticles are the layer of skin that keep harmful bacteria from thriving and growing under the fingernail. If you leave them neglected and cracked, it will be impossible for you to grow beautiful-looking fingernails. You can opt to go to the parlor or the salon for professional care of your cuticles, but a do-it-yourself home regimen of cuticle and nail care can go a long way in keeping those nails healthy. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive products for something you can make at home. Here are the simple and easy steps on how to make your own moisturizing nail and cuticle oil.

1.    Find a bottle for your cuticle oil. You want an empty bottle that will fit just the right amount of cuticle oil that you plan to make. A four ounce bottle should be enough. Any will do – you can recycle old bottles from used beauty products, as long as you can make sure that all the residue has been removed, and they are still safe to use. Bottles with flip-top switches are preferable for convenience. It is also good for you to look for amber-glass bottles, since these will protect your homemade oils from sunlight.

2.    Buy the essential oils of your choice. You will find a wide selection of oils from a pharmacy or specialty store. There is no limit to your selection, and you can choose according to your taste. If your local shops don’t have them, a quick online search will point you to shops that may even offer home delivery. When choosing oils, here are some that you should keep in mind.

  • Sweet Almond Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Sweet almond oil is a good carrier that penetrates easily, making it useful for aromatherapy carrier, massage or after baths.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil is a light, yet emollient oil that is high in oleic and linoleic acids, allowing it to be absorbed by the skin quickly. It is best used for mature skin, sensitive skin and skin that is inflamed, irritated or dry.
  • Jojoba Oil is a highly penetrative emollient that closely resembles the natural sebum that your skin produces. It also gives non-occlusive, non-greasy moisture control.
  • Rice Bran Oil can be used for moisturizing and is a good choice for mature, delicate or sensitive skin

3.    Mix your ingredients together. The mixing of the various ingredients is relatively simple: just add everything in equal amounts. Pick your carrier oils and add the essential fragrance oil of your choice, to complement your primary ingredients.

After you’ve done everything and placed your mixture in the right container, make sure you stick to your nail and cuticle care regimen. Apply one drop to the base of each fingernail and gently massage in a circular motion. The oil is likewise added to each cuticle, then repeated on the other hand. You should wait at least 15 minutes before washing to promote maximum absorption.


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