How To Make Your Own Natural Body Wash

There’s no doubt that the wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries today; part of this can be attributed to how easy it is to get involved in the many areas of the business, one of which is making natural body wash products. Many people continue to be fascinated by the rewarding experience in making their own custom scents and textures, either for personal consumption or for business. Read on if you want to learn how to create your very natural first body wash.

All you need are natural herbs of your choice to add the desired scent to your body wash. Popular choices are catnip, lavender, chamomile, or peppermint. You also need a liquid soap base that’s readily available at online stores or any craft stores nearby, some distilled water and cheesecloth. Ultimately, you need a nose for the best scents for your desired body wash.

  1. Infuse your herbs into the oil and water to deliver your desired scent. As a first-timer, you may need to try a lot of combinations until you’re satisfied.
  2. On a light-medium fire, mix a tiny amount of your herbs with a considerable volume of oil. The trick here is to make the body wash in small amounts until you get what you want, and then go with larger volumes. Make sure you stir constantly to avoid overcooking the herbs or burning them. 15-20 minutes of light fire is enough to do this process.
  3. To make your herbal oil as smooth and fine as possible, you can use layers of cheesecloth to filter it when it’s cold enough. Set this aside for later use.
  4. Mix your liquid soap base with your herbal infusion and stir evenly. This is where you can customize your body wash scent, by adding more oils or liquid soap base depending on your preferences. To add some color to your liquid body wash, you may use all-natural colorants; these are usually made with sunflower oils or annatto seeds. These colorants are available at any crafts store or through online retailers.
  5. Put it in a clean bottle and store your mixture at room temperature away from direct sunlight and, of course, out of children’s reach. The maximum shelf life of your body wash can reach up to 1 year, depending on the ingredients.

If you can’t decide which herbs to use for your body wash mixture, consider using patchouli for its earthy scent or chamomile for its calming feel; chamomile is also good at soothing irritated skin. Lavender mixtures have a relaxing tone and are perfect for oily skin types. Spearmint and peppermint both have invigorating effects. Marigold and rose petals have natural moisturizers for dry skin.

This easy-to-make natural liquid body wash can be a perfect gift for your friends. This can also be used to cover some bills if you’re interested in making it a profitable hobby. The best part is, when you’ve mastered the art of making different body wash scents, every day is like a spa day for you! 


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