How To Make Your Own Wet Wipes

One of the basic cleaning products that you should have around the home, in your purse, and the glove compartment in your car are wet wipes. Wet wipes are useful for removing stubborn dirt and grime from your hands, and come with a fresh scent that is perfect for removing odor from your hands before and after meals, or after you have smoked. Instead of purchasing expensive wet wipes from the supermarket, however, here’s how you can make your own.

  1. Combine the liquid components of the wet wipes. You will need approximately a cup of witch hazel, up to three teaspoons of your favorite essential oil, and a teaspoon of liquid glycerin. The witch hazel will provide the wet wipes with softening properties that will ensure that the wet wipes are gentle on your hands or on your children’s bodies. The essential oils will provide the scent. Among the popular essential oils that you can add to the wet wipes are sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, rose, vanilla, and cinnamon. The liquid glycerin will provide the cleaning properties in the wet wipes.
  2. Choosing the napkins and paper towels. There are several types of tissues and napkins that you can use for the wet wipes. You can either purchase the dinner napkins which come folded for you. This is useful since it will save you from the trouble of folding each of the napkins individually. You can, however, also use paper towels. Make sure, however, that you fold the paper towels into three, so that they will fit into a small container and will be handier. When choosing the napkins and paper towels, make sure that you choose those that are made with high grade fibers that will not turn into mush when in contact with fluids.
  3. Soaking the wipes. Place all of the folded napkins or paper towels in a tray or large and flat bowl. Pour all of the liquid ingredients on top, and make sure that the napkins fully saturate the liquid components of the wet wipes. If you are planning on creating a large batch of napkins, you will need to add more liquid ingredient. It will also be easier if you arrange the napkins no more than two to three inches high when piled up so that the liquid will be able to penetrate up to the bottom. Use a spoon to scoop some of the fluids on the pan that have not been absorbed fully.
  4. Storage. To store your homemade wet wipes, place these in Ziploc bags that will keep the air out and will keep the moisture from the towels from escaping. Apart from Ziploc bags, you can also reuse old canisters where commercially manufactured wet wipes are packaged and stored. These usually have resealable lids that will also keep the fluids in the wet wipes.

With these easy steps, you can get natural and inexpensive wet wipes that will clean your hands or your face without drying the skin or leaving your wallet reeling. Place these in your purse, car, and home and you are good to go.


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