How To Make Your Own Yarmulke

The yarmulke is a Jewish cap that is traditionally worn by men. It is a circular cap that is worn on the crown of the head. The yarmulke is worn in order to distinguish Jewish men from others, especially during prayer. It is also a way of honoring God. There are many types of yarmulke that are available. Some are crocheted. Others are made of suede, velvet and satin. You can easily make a yarmulke made of felt cloth. Just follow the step-by-step instructions that are provided below.

  • Prepare the materials that you need. The materials that you need for the yarmulke are felt cloth, measuring tape, scissors, needle, thread, fabric pencil and a compass. Choose the color for the yarmulke that you want. You can find all these materials from your local arts and crafts store.
  • Make the pattern. The first thing that you have to do is to make the pattern for your yarmulke. When you do this, measure on the wrong side so that the fabric pencil mark will not be visible when you finish the yarmulke. Measure 6 1/8 inches on the felt cloth using your ruler. Use this as the diameter for the circle. Use the compass to complete the circle with the diameter that you measured.
  • Mark the cuts. Mark the center of the circle. Draw a straight line from the center of the circle to the edge of the circle. Afterward, measure about an inch space from the end of the line that you drew on the outer circle. Connect that to the center of the circle. You should come up with a triangle that has an inch for the base.
  • Sew the yarmulke to finish. The last step is to sew the yarmulke. Close the gap by sewing together the sides of the triangle. Use some sewing pins to help you close the gap while you are sewing them together. Another thing that you can do is to cut the triangle and then sew the ends together. This will form the dome shape of the yarmulke so that it can fit snugly over the head. Afterward, sew the hem all over the yarmulke for a smoother finish and to avoid the fabric from fraying.
  • Add embroidery for design. The base of your yarmulke is done. Now you can add some designs to the yarmulke. You can use different colors of embroidery thread to come up with various designs on the edge of the circle. This will make your yarmulke more attractive. You can search for some yarmulke designs from the Internet to get some idea on how you can make yours.

These are the easy instructions on how to make a Jewish yarmulke. For a better fit, you can measure your head so that you can come up with the right size of the circle. Remember that this is only one way of making the yarmulke. You can crochet one or use other types of materials to come up with different styles.


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