How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer During the Day

First impressions do not only consist of appearances. Scents and the sense of smell are among the most under-appreciated but powerful senses of the body, which can aid in memory recall and which can help create an atmosphere conducive for meeting and interacting with people. If you have a signature scent and if you want your perfume to last longer during the day, here’s how you can maximize each drop of perfume that you use.

  1. Lotion. Start by using lotions that are manufactured by the same company that produces your perfume. Plenty of cosmetic companies have perfume lines that start with the bath soap up to the lotion. These similarly scented products will work perfectly with your perfume, and will not neutralize the perfume that you will use. These are usually available in packages or sets, which will also allow you to save up on money. By using products from the same company and same product line, you will be able to create scent layers that will last longer in the day.
  2. Pressure points. When applying the perfume onto your skin, be sure that you dab or spray the perfume on your pressure points. The usual pressure points in the body are behind the knees, behind the ears, in the wrists, near the neck, and in the crook of the elbow. Generally, pulse points make for good areas for applying perfume. These points in the body are generally warmer than the rest of the body, and will exude the scent better.
  3. Parfum. Perfumes come in two generally types. There are the eau de toilette perfumes and the parfums. Generally, you should invest in parfums, which are made with higher concentrations of the essential oils which make up the scent. These will cling better to your skin and clothing and will last longer in the day. Although these are more expensive than the eau de toilettes, they are investments for people who care about their scents. You will also need to apply less of the parfum than you would apply when using eau de toilettes.
  4. Air spraying. One of the best methods for applying the perfume into your clothes is by spraying the perfume in the air and then stepping into the area with the scented air. This will help the particles of perfume cling better to your body. As much as possible, however, you should spray the perfumes directly into your pulse points, since the scent will travel anyway from the pulse points to the clothes.
  5. Hand washing. When washing your hands, it is best to use soaps that have neutral or very mild scents which will not cling to your skin and which will not interfere with the scents from your perfume. Also be careful to avoid the wrists where you have sprayed the perfume.

Be sure to bring in a small bottle of perfume in your purse or bag whenever you travel, or if you will be out for the entire day and night. This will allow you to retouch and reapply the perfume whenever necessary.


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