How To Make Your Razor Blades Last Longer

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Plenty of people use disposable razors for shaving hair on the face, arms, and legs. Disposable razor blades may be cheap individually, but the cost of replacements can pile up. To keep yourself from spending too much on razor blades, here’s how you can make your blades last longer.

  1. Dry the razors after use. Plenty of people forget just how important it is to dry the razor blades after each use. Usually, people will simply run the razor blade through the faucet to remove the bits of hair trapped in the blade, and place the razor on the counter. The excess moisture on the razor, however, will cause the surface of the steel to become dull and less able to efficiently cut through hair. After every use, however, you should dry the razor blades by shaking it so that the droplets of water will come off. Use a hair dryer if one is available, to get to the crevices in the razor blades.
  2. Storage. Where you store the razor blades will also count. Even if you dry the razor blades, these will likely still become moist and the metals will still corrode if you do not store the razor blades in a cool dry place. As much as possible, place the razor blades in the medicine cabinet. The counter top or the rim of the sink is not suitable, since splashes of water from the sink can corrode the metal in the razor blades. Avoid storing the blades near the shower, too, because the vapor from showers will form into small beads of water in the blades.
  3. Racks. There are hooks and racks that are specifically made for razor blades. One of the advantages of using these racks is that it will allow you to hold the razor blades in an upright position. The upright position will prevent the water from dripping into the blades, and will keep your razors dry.
  4. Add petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a great protectant and lubricant not only for the skin, but for your disposable razors as well. Dab a bit of petroleum jelly on the razor blades after each use. You can use cotton buds or the tip of a paper towel to do this. Not only will the petroleum jelly keep the blade lubricated and water free, but it will also make shaving a lot smoother, with the petroleum jelly acting as a mild lubricant.
  5. Rinsing. After each use of the razor blade, make sure that you clean it by running it through hot water and some liquid soap. Warm water will remove the old residues of petroleum jelly, which will easily melt upon contact. The soap will help to remove the stubborn dirt caught in the corners of the razor blades.

Save up on money by avoiding too many razor blade replacements is possible by knowing how to care for your razors. Through these easy steps, your blades will give your smoother and better shaves for longer periods of time.


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