How To Make Your Spray on Tan Last Longer

Tans are great for looking fit and healthy. For the sun kissed look, however, many people are beginning to use spray on tans, instead of tanning beds or tanning under the sun. With tanning sprays, you get the beautiful color of the sun without having to expose yourself to UV rays that can damage your skin cells and cause skin cancers or minor burns. Here’s how you can prolong the tan from your tan sprays.

  1. Exfoliate. Before you spray on your tanning spray, be sure that you have properly exfoliated beforehand. Exfoliation will remove the dead layers of cells on the skin. The dead layers of skin will make the spray on tan look blotchy and uneven. By removing these dead skin cells, you will also allow the tanning ingredients to stick to your skin better. The areas that you should focus on when exfoliating are the joints, such as the ankles, elbows, and your knees. You can easily exfoliate by using bath scrubs applied to your loofah.
  2. Lotion. Lotion is one of the biggest enemies for spray on tans. Lotions will create a layer between the skin and the actual tanning compounds, which means that the tanning lotion will not be able to fully penetrate the skin. Before applying your spray on tan, be sure that you do not apply lotion. Otherwise, the tan will not last as long, and the few compounds that will manage to stick to your skin will be blotchy and uneven. Also, some lotions have some chemicals and compounds that will prevent the tanning spray from working properly.
  3. Instructions. A lot of people think that spray on tans will only require you to spritz on the tan onto your skin. In reality, however, various types of spray on tans have various instructions, including how you should prepare for the spray on tan, how you should apply it, how long you should allow the tan to infuse in your skin, and how you can maintain the spray on tan. Read the labels and the packaging instructions first before using a particular product. The instructions will not only let you have better and longer lasting tans, but will also guide you on how to safely use the product.
  4. Wipe off. After spraying on your tan, you should take a towel and lightly wipe off the residues from the spray. Usually, people think that this will remove the tan from the skin. This will, however, only remove the tanning compounds that cannot be absorbed into the skin once the skin has been saturated. Wiping will give you a more even tan and will prevent you from staining clothes and the furniture that you come into contact with.
  5. Moisturize. Finally, be sure to moisturizer frequently when you use spray on tans. Dry skins will cause the tan to fade quicker. Moisturized skin, on the other hand, will be supple, healthy, and more able to absorb and retain the tanning compounds in the tan sprays.

Spray on tans are not cheap, but you can save money by knowing how to maintain your tan and make each bottle last longer.


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