How To Make Your Travel Bag Unique

A travel bag is a great thing to bring around with you during travels, in terms of practicality, function, and convenience.  Why not make your travel bag unique and bring out the fun side in a thing you usually take for granted?  Here is how to make your travel bag stand out and get the attention it deserves.

  1. Style - Travel bags come in different styles; from backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, travel cases, duffel bags, laptop bags, clutches, luggage bags, suitcase bags and so on.  Pick a style which catches the eye and gives a bold statement.  Buy designer travel bags; world-renown bags that many are bound to recognize and appreciate.  Use customized bags that complement and highlight your unique personality.  Find exotic travel bags that show off the rarity of their materials and the exclusivity of their craftsmanship.  Pick a stylish travel bag and let your travel bag's style speak for itself.
  2. Color - The hues and tints of your travel bag bring out the beauty in a functional item.  As you may have observed, different colors evoke a variety of responses from people; know the effects of color and select a travel bag accordingly.  Use colors that complement your outfit or the colors in the places you are traveling in.  Pick colors which stand out in stark contrast from the environment.  Decide on the color or colors of your travel bag with purpose and imagination.
  3. Size - To make your travel bag unique, why not buy an oversized travel bag, or a very tiny one?  You usually pick a travel bag's size according to the amount of things you like to bring, so make it the other way around.  Pick a travel bag size that you find unique, and pack accordingly.  Not only does it make your travel bag attention-worthy; it exercises your creativity and resourcefulness as well.
  4. Features - Display your well-loved travel gear along with your wheels bag, may they be wallets, travel cases, maps, a compass, pens; you name it, then display it.  Look around for nice things to add to your travel bag, and find ways to incorporate them into the look of the bag to make a statement that you have a bag that packs a lot. 
  5. Accessories - Attach to your travel bag some trinkets that shimmer and shine, dangle and tinkle, whirl and twist, bubble and wobble.  Make your travel bag's accessories appeal to (or displease) the senses and you got yourself a unique travel bag. 
  6. Personalization - As you may have known by now, you are unique.  Make your travel bag as unique as you are by making your travel bag your territory and designing the bag accordingly.  Sew, glue, paste and attach items (pictures, accessories, souvenirs, mementos, etc.) that remind everyone that your travel bag is yours alone.

There are as many methods of making your travel bag unique just as there are many reasons why a person is unique.  A travel bag that stands out makes the owner feel happy, making the travel successful.  Make your travel bag unique and experience the benefits.


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