How To Make Yourself Look Taller

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When you ask someone what they would like to change about themselves, one of the first things most people will say is that they wish they were taller. Many people are not happy with their height. While it is not something you can genetically change, there are ways to make yourself look taller than you actually are.

Step 1

Have good posture. An easy way to appear taller is to have the right posture. Make sure you are not slouching over, and keep your shoulders back. Bad posture can actually cause you to shrink as you get older. Good posture will help keep everything aligned and cause less injuries down the road. 

Step 2

Select the right clothes. One of the worst things you can do if you are trying to look taller is to wear baggy clothes. You don't have to wear skin tight jeans, but wear clothes that are more fitting to your body style. Wearing clothes that fit you better will help make your body look thinner and longer. This can add an effect that makes you look taller.

Step 3

Stretch your muscles. Stretching is great for your muscles, bones and joints. Stretch a few times a week to help improve your posture and straighten your back. 

Step 4

Place insoles in your shoes. You can instantly add an inch to your height by putting insoles in your shoes. Not only will this make you look taller but it will also make your shoes more comfortable. Be sure to compensate for this with a bigger shoe size. You don't want to cramp your feet and possibly injure yourself. 

Step 5

Keep your head held high. Make sure when you walk you hold your head up high and look forward. This will make you look taller and more confident. It helps with the first impression people see of you and will add a positive spin to your physique. 

Being taller can add confidence and make you feel better. There is no guaranteed way to become physically taller, but these steps may make you appear taller to others. 

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