How To Mask Your Gray Strands

Are you starting to see a few gray strands in your hair? This is a natural sign of aging, but one that many people dread. Luckily, there are a few options if you want to cover up the gray to reduce this sign of aging. Here's how to mask your gray strands:

  1. Use hair mascara. If you have just a few strands, hair mascara is one choice for covering them up if you're not ready to dye your entire head of hair. This product works exactly the same as mascara for your eyelashes, except that it is used to coat the hair on your head. Use the mascara wand to paint each gray strand.
  2. Selective dyeing. If you're not ready to dye your whole head of hair, apply hair dye just to the hairs that need it. First, choose the right hair dye. Try to match your natural hair color the best that you can. Some dyes are even meant specifically for covering gray hairs, which can be difficult to dye due to their changed texture. You can use a clear mascara wand to apply the dye just to the gray hairs.
  3. Dye your hair. This is probably the best option if your hair is really starting to go gray but you still want to cover it up. If you have many gray strands, it would be difficult to cover them with selective dyeing or hair mascara. Just choose a color of dye that closely matches your natural color, and apply it according to the directions on the box.
  4. Use a color wash shampoo. Some shampoos are designed to deposit color in your hair gradually. This can be a good option if you want to let your hair turn gradually gray, but begin to see many gray hairs at the same time. This method will allow you to slowly adjust to the gray strands.
  5. Use a color wash. This semi-permanent hair dye method will deposit a small amount of color in your hair. It will fade within a few weeks, unlike permanent hair dye, which makes it a good choice if you are just beginning to dye your hair and aren't sure if you will like the results. Like the color wash shampoo, it is best used when you want to let the gray come in naturally, but slowly.

If you're seeing gray strands in your hair, there is no way to permanently change their color. However, you can mask the gray strands through the use of various dyes. Your choice depends on the amount of gray hair you have, the desired upkeep, and whether you want to completely hide the grays or let your hair gray naturally.


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