How To Master Hair Cutting Techniques

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As a hairstylist, or as someone planning to get into the hair styling or barbershop business, you want to be the best in your trade. To achieve this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the advanced cutting styles that professional hairstylists are doing. You would need to know a lot of hair styles and cutting techniques, to be able to execute properly and effectively. Having a good technique is also one way to keep loyal customers.

Creativity and an artistic flair will help you in mastering the different hair cutting techniques. You would usually need a great deal of patience and the willingness to learn. Here are some techniques to be a master at what you do:.

Know how to cut the basic seven section parting techniques. This is a standard technique for sectioning the hair in preparation for the hairstyle that you want to execute. It results in even ends. Sectioning the hair will also allow you to cut the hair in a controlled manner. The standard sectioning involves cutting the hair from back to front and from bottom up, in most cases. So before you start, make sure that you secure each section of the hair using clips.

Separate each section and do the blunt cut. Blunt cut is a style that requires the hair to be cut into one length. Blunt cutting lets hairdressers quickly remove the bulk before working on a finished style. Remember, before separating each section of the hair, comb it smoothly before cutting it to its desired length.

Learn to cut the layered hair technique. This technique can be done on either short or long hair. Before cutting, make sure that the hair is wet, because the hair will get shorter as it dries. Use a clip for cutting the hair and a fine tooth comb, a tool that would make the cut go easily and quickly. The way to cut is to stand the hair up, bend over and cut hair straight across.

Know how to trim the bangs. Make sure the hair is dry. Then separate the section of the hair you don’t want to trim by using clips. Just let the bangs loose and comb them with a fine tooth comb. Trim the bangs just below the eyes or depending on how long or short the client likes it. Make sure to cut the bangs equally and angle it 45 degrees slowly, one section at a time.

Learn the advance cutting techniques. Now, you know all the standard and basic cutting styles, so proceed to learning cutting unique styles like the bob cut, a-line cut, and the like. Just always keep in mind that before proceeding into any cutting style, always approach it through the seven section parting technique, as this will make cutting easier for you, so you can afterward create the hairstyle of their choice.

If you’re looking to practice, you can offer free hairstyling services to friends or willing clients. You can even do so on a mannequin with a cheap wig.


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