How To Match Foundation Color to Skin

Foundation make-up is literally what the word implies. It is the base of make-up and it is the first layer that is applied. All over the world, it is essential that each and every woman knows its importance and all the other aspects attached to it.

One of the basic principles when it comes to foundation is how to get the best match between the foundation color and the color of your skin. It’s going to look funny if you applied foundation on your skin and it doesn’t match your skin color. It should go well and evenly to create a natural look.

Follow the following tips and learn the best way to match foundation color to the color of your skin.

You will need the following:

  • Small spatula
  • Palette

Visit your local department store and ask assistance from the salesladies in going around to look for a liquid foundation. Don’t wear any makeup at all when going to the store, so that you won’t have a problem trying out the different brands and shades of foundation. Have them apply small dots of different liquid foundations to your skin, preferably your fist or the back of your hand.

Leave the store for a while and go out in the sunlight. To be able to see the different colors of foundation, you would need natural light from outside because you won’t be able to see the actual color of the foundation under the fluorescent light inside a store. Look closely at the different shades on your hand and pick out at least three of those foundations that closely match your skin tone.

Once you’re home, wash your face very well and try out the foundation you’ve purchased.

Prepare your materials on the table. You will need to dip the small spatula into each of the foundation bottles. Get equal amounts of each color and then place them on the palette.

Use the spatula to blend all the foundation samples. Once they have been mixed evenly, apply a small amount of the blended foundation onto your skin once more. Look closely if the foundation matches well with your skin color. If it doesn’t, determine which of the three foundations you would need more of to make the color match your skin color more closely. Do this until you are able to achieve the perfect match to your skin color. If the mixture is too light, add more of the darker shade among the three foundations. Should it be to dark, add more of the lighter shade.

It will take a bit of practice before you are able to determine how much you will need to mix every time you are to apply foundation to your skin. Until you have mastered the act, it would be a good idea to prepare and use pre-mixed mixtures. Just transfer the mixture onto a clear, sealed container. Keep this in room temperature to avoid it from either drying up or getting too oily.


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