How To Match Makeup to Skin Tone

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We all know that a girl can’t live without her make up on. Well, most of them. But there these questions that some girls think are unanswered. How to match make-up with your individual skin tone?

Make-up can help you look your best, but if it does not match your skin tone or is not the same as your color and complexion it is no good. Here are some simple steps and strategies to make sure that you can choose the most compatible shades for your skin, eyes and lips.

  1. Determine your skin tone. There are several ways you can determine the color of your skin. You may check at the place where you will see the natural color of your skin. The inside of your wrist is the most appropriate. If you see light brown color you have a "neutral" tone, if you spot yellow shades you have a "warm" skin tone, while if you notice pinker color you have a "cool" skin tone. Another way to determine your skin tone color is by going under the sunlight and looking closely at the color of your hair. While you are under the sunlight and you notice that you have red highlights in your hair, that means you have a warm skin tone, but if you see blue color you have cool skin tone.
  2. Select the color of your make-up. After you determine the color of your skin tone, you can select the color of your make-up that will match your skin tone. Consider the foundation and concealer that you will use. It must work and match with your undertone. After they blend or put into your skin they seem not to be noticed at all. In applying foundation you must choose and apply three different colors from cheek to jaw line. If you apply yellowish color, add a point in the warm skin category. Likewise, if you apply the pinker or bluer make-up, you have a cool skin tone, and if you have a light brown skin tone you have a neutral color.
  3. Choose the color of your blush. You must coordinate the color of blush to your skin color. Copper and brown color blushes are better for olive tone skin, while pink and beige blushes are nice and work with fair skin.
  4. Choose your lipstick. Try to use rose pink if you have fair skin, purple for darker skin and use brown or red if you have yellow cast. You can know the real color of the lipstick by swiping a little amount of lipstick on white tissue paper.
  5. Pick your eye shadow. When applying eye shadow try to use colors like green, pink or brown eye shadow to set off warm skin tone and dark green or gray color for cool skin tone.

The steps and strategies listed above are effective ways for you to get and apply make-up that matches your skin tone. With this, you will no longer worry about your make-up because you will be confident that you look beautiful. Once you know your skin tone and you know your color, wearing make-up will become as easy as 1-2-3.


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