How To Match Skin Foundation with Your Skin Color

Yes, the world is offering a lot of selection in colors.  However, not all colors will match well your skin tone. With this, people who know the right color for them actually reach the top of the fashion list. Aside from clothes, the right choice of makeup is considered to be vital for every person. Just like how you choose the right skin foundation for your skin tone.

Indeed, it is sometimes hard to see whether the body foundation will very well match the tone of your skin. It happens that at first glance, you think it will be the perfect match. However, the truth is, it actually is not compatible with how deep or light your color is. With this problem, there are often some techniques that one can resort to in looking for the perfect hue of the skin cosmetic foundation.

Knowing your Undertone

Actually, once you figured out what your undertone is, you can easily find a skin foundation that will work best for your color.  Here are some ways how to figure out your undertone for choosing a body foundation:

  • You have a cool or pink undertone if you have pale or rosy skin.
  • You have a warm or yellow undertone if your skin turns to the shade of yellow, honey, or brown.
  • You have a neutral one if your skin is olive-toned or a combination of the two above-mentioned qualities.
  • If your complexion darkens easily under the sun, you have a warm undertone.
  • If you happen not to get dark or if it is hard for you to tan, you have a cool one.

Matching the Foundation on the Skin Tone

Now that you know your undertone, you are ready to pick the right shade of makeup for you. The shade is actually compatible for all kinds of foundation such as sun foundation, cream foundation, eye foundation, skin gel foundation, and the like.

The following are the ways in choosing the right color of body foundation for each of the skin tones:

  • Pink tone. It is always a good match to get one with more colors of yellow. To choose this kind, it is necessary to grab one that is a little lighter than your skin tone.
  • Yellow tone. To test whether a sun foundation or any other kinds of foundation is matched to your skin color, you need to tap a small amount of the product on your cheek.  If the color happens to disappear from sight after some time, then that is the perfect match for you.
  • Dark tone. This kind of skin tone is that of African-Americans. It is safe just to go to a foundation with a deep yellow undertone. As much as possible, move away from those with red undertone.
  • Pale and Fair tone. Mostly Asian skin tone, it is better to have a yellow undertone in the foundation. Any shade will do as long as it matches the skin tone exactly. However, you need to avoid orange and pink undertones. This is because these colors can give an unnatural appeal to people with this kind of skin tone.

With all these basic guidelines, it will never be a wonder if you come up looking good after a good makeover. As you know, the makeup can either enhance or ruin your looks. Your genius choice of skin foundation colors will determine its effects for you.


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