How To Measure Eyebrows

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are one of the most attractive parts a woman can have. Manipulating your eyebrows and making a beautiful arch is an effective way of making you look more attractive and seductive. Many women who tried to “fix” their eyebrows often end up looking more like a creature from outer space.

Shaping the eyebrow should be done with caution since it will be the first one that will be noticed. It is not good to just shave the eyebrow without a plan on how to do it and an idea of how your eyebrow should be shaped so that it will complement your face.

In shaping your eyebrows it is important for you to take measurements. Without the proper measuring of your eyebrows there is a big chance that your eyebrows may be too short for the anatomy of your face. Measuring the eyebrow takes a more scientific approach than just merely using a ruler or measuring tape. So, before you try to shave and shape your eyebrow, you better first learn how to measure your eyebrow so that you will know which part of the eyebrow that needs fixing and won’t end up overkilling them.

This article will serve as your guide on how to measure your eyebrows.

  • Measure the inside of the brow. Get a ruler, a pen, a brush, a tongue depressor or anything that is long, hard and straight. Using the item or instrument, let it touch the outer side of the nose vertically. That is where the eyebrow will begin. Mark the area where the eyebrow will begin using eyeliner. No need to make a straight line; just put a dot to indicate where the eyebrow will begin.
  • Measure the arch. For the arch of the eyebrow, move the pen diagonally along the side of the side of the nose, touching it and over the center of the eye. Mark the area where the eyebrows should be arched by putting a dot on the area again using eyeliner.
  • Measure the outside of the brow. In measuring where the edge of the eyebrows ends, move the pen towards the outside corner of the eye with its tip pointing diagonally outside the face. Make sure that the body of the pen is still touching the outer side of the nose. Mark the area where the outer edge of the brow is located using an eyeliner pencil.

Now you can use the dotted areas as a measurements as to where you will remove the excess hair and which part of the brow should not be touched. The dots will be your guide in shaping your eyebrow.

You can use a ruler or a thin pen in helping you measure your eyebrows. There is no need to use tape measure of ruler. Just maintain the measuring material at the outer side of the nose. The measurement of the eyebrow will depend on the anatomy of your face and most especially with your nose.

Measuring the eyebrow is just easy, isn’t it? Now you can rest assure that shaping your eyebrow will be done with perfect because you now know how to measure your eyebrows.


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